Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah Profile;

Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah
Assistant Professor in Management
College of Business Administration

Name: Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah
Job Title: Assistant Professor in Management
College: College of Business Administration
Email: fadi.fattah@asu.edu.om
Phone: Ext. 1237

Dr. Fadi Abdel Fattah is an Assistant Professor of Management at the College of Business Administration, A’Sharqiyah University, in the Sultanate of Oman. Dr. Fadi has published several international journals indexed in Web of Science and Scopus and participated in several international conferences. He is also appointed as an advisory board member and editorial member in a number of international journals and top associations in his domain, and he is also a Mendeley advisor. Dr. Fadi secured several research grants. He has also supervised several MBA students and served as an external examiner for MBA students in Oman and overseas. His research interests include consumer behavior, service quality, knowledge sharing management, and healthcare management. Throughout his career as an instructor, he has taught several courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Fadi pays special attention to student involvement and engagement to help them become more proactive and participative. He chairs several committees and leads a number of initiatives in various domains. Dr. Fadi was the team leader in successfully developing three undergraduate and postgraduate programs that have attracted more than 200 students.

PhD in Management/ Marketing

Multimedia University (MMU), Malaysia , Graduate School of Management (GSM)  , Area of Specialization: Marketing   - 2016

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Middle East University (MEU), Jordan , Concentration: Marketing  - 2011

Bachelor of Allied Medical Sciences

Applied Science University, Jordan - 2008 

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  3. American Marketing Association

- Consumer Behaviour
- Service Quality
- Knowledge Management
- Health Care Management 


Rethinking of Marketing Theory Series: A Conceptual Foundation Muhammad Sabbir Rahman; Osman Bin Mohamad; Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah TIJ Research Publications PTE. LTD., 51, Goldhill Plaza, Singapore 978-981-07-9371-5


Journal paper

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Conference paper

Mohamed EzzeldinA Bashir, Abdul Hakim, Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah, Akbar khan. (2020) "Cache Learning Method for Terrific Detection of Atrial Fibrillation", The joint conference of the 16th International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing and the 13th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, Applications and Tools, At: online


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Project Title: “Factors Affecting Investment Attractiveness in Sultanate of Oman: Evidence from Duqm Special Economic Zone.”
Amount: 2.700OMR/ 7012 USD
Type of grant: Graduate Research Grant
Principal Researcher: Mr. Ghdeer Al-wahaibi
Supervisor: Dr. Fadi Abdel Fattah
Duration: 2020- 2021 (one year)
Funded by: The Research Council, Oman (GRG)

Project Title: “Factors Affecting Omani Youth’s Attitudes Towards Private Sector Employment in the Sultanate of Oman.”
Amount: 1900 OMR/ USD 4935
Type of grant: Research Grant 
Principal Researcher: Dr. Fadi Abdel Fattah
Co-Researcher: Ms. Abrar AL-Alawi
Duration: 2018- 2019 (One Year)
Funded by: The Research Council, Oman (FURAB)

Project Title: “Perceived Value and image embedded model for customers patronage decisions on health insurance products in Malaysia.”
Amount: 71.000 RM/ USD 17077
Type of grant: Research Grant 
Principal Researcher: Dr. Fadi Abdel Fattah
Duration: Dec 2013- Nov 2015 (two Years)
Funded by: Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.