Mahfouz Saeed Profile;

Mahfouz Saeed
Assistant Professor - Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering

Name: Mahfouz Saeed
Job Title: Assistant Professor - Environmental Engineering
College: College of Engineering
Phone: 0096891251460 Ext. 1197

I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering with great experience on environmental pollution issues study and analysis. Developed the first all electrochemically processed photovoltaic device (both CIGS and CIGSS based)

PhD: 2014 Case Western Reserve University, Chemical Engineering,Cleveland, Ohio USA

Research: Electrochemical Fabrication of Thin Film Photovoltaic Devices (CIGS & CIGSS)

 M.Sc.: 2006 Cracow University, Chemical Engineering Department, Cracow, Poland

Project: Viscosity of multicomponent liquid mixtures: correlation & prediction

 B.Sc. 1997: Sirte University, Chemical Engineering Department, Sirte, Libya

Project: Petrochemical separation process and distillation


  • Member: The Electrochemical Society ECS
  • Member: American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE
  • Electrochemistry
  • Photovoltaic
  • Thermodynamics
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Clay mineral to remove algae bloom from seawater in Oman (URG project)
  • Recycling municipal waste to produce cheap building materials
  • Thermal solar desalination (RG project)
  • M. Saeed, O. Gonzalez, and U. Landau “CIGS Electrodeposition from Improved Electrolytes: Electrochemical Characterization and Transport Effects”,  2905, 222 ECS  , (2012).
  • M.Saeed, and U. Landau,“CIGSS Electrodepositionfrom a Single Electrolyte”, #2037, 224th  , (2013).
  • M. Saeed, and U. Landau, “Fabrication of a Complete Photovoltaic CIGS Device by Electrodeposition”, Abstract # 42136, 226th ECS Meeting and SMEQ Joint International Meeting, Cancun, Mexico (October 5-10, 2014).
  • M. Saeed, and U. Landau, “Pulsing of ZnO layers for photovoltaic applications: controlling film thickness and optical properties”. 8th International Workshop on Zinc Oxide and Related Materials (IWZnO 2014), September 7-11, 2014, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
  • M. Saeed, and U. Landau, “Electrodeposition of Doped ZnO Layer Using Three Different Dopant (Properties and structure)”, Paper ## H01-1253,226th the 229th ECS Meeting (May 29 - June 2, 2016) in San Diego USA.
  • M. Saeed, “Cu₂(ZnSn)(S)₄ Electrodeposition from a Single Bath for Photovoltaic Applications”, Absract # 36751, ICSREE 2016 : 18th International Conference on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering on November, 16-17, 2016 at Dubai, UAE
  • M. Saeed, and U. Landau, “Pulsing of Cu₂(ZnSn)(SSe)₄ from a Single Bath for Photovoltaic pplications”, Paper # G01, 231st ECS Meeting May 28-June 2, 2017 — New Orleans, LA Hilton New Orleans Riverside USA.
  • M. Saeed, “Electrochemical Pulsing Deposition of CTZS (Optical and Structural properties) Solar Energy Applications”, Symposium: I05: Renewable Fuels via Artificial Photosynthesis or Heterocatalysis 3 (# I05-1927), 233rd ECS Meeting in Seattle, WA (May 13-17, 2018)
  • M. Saeed, “Muli-Bath Electrodeposition of CTZS Increasing Sulfur Ratio Close to Back Contact”, Symposium: B07: Light Energy Conversion with Metal Halide Perovskites, Semiconductor Nanostructures, and Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Materials (#B07-0855), the 235th ECS Meeting in Dallas, Texas (May 26-30, 2019)