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Yaqoob Salim Al Hinai
English Language Instructor
Centre for Language and Foundation Studies

Name: Yaqoob Salim Al Hinai
Job Title: English Language Instructor
College: Centre for Language and Foundation Studies
Email: yaqoob.alhinai@asu.edu.om
Phone: +968 92222714 Ext.

I am an English Language Instructor . I started my career in 1991 as an elementary English language teacher. I started my work at the ministry of Education , Sultanate of Oman. In 2001 I started to work as a senior teacher then in 2009 I moved to the directorate of Education in Buraimi governorate to work as an English language supervisor and trainer. In 2013 I resigned from the Ministry of Education and I joined the University of Buraimi as an English language Instructor. In January 2021 I joined A'Sharqiya University as an English Language Instructor. 

BA in Education 

High Diploma in Education 

Regionl English research in how to improve writing skill for high school students. Ministry of Education , Oman 2007

Educational project titled : How to teach Reading , University of Buraimi , 2018

A member of local examination committee at the ministry of education , Sultanate of Oman.