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  • English PI
  • GFP IT
  • MATH Basic
  • MATH Pure

Kunjachan Mecheril Ouseph
English Language Instructor
Centre for Language and Foundation Studies

Name: Kunjachan Mecheril Ouseph
Job Title: English Language Instructor
College: Centre for Language and Foundation Studies
Email: kmouseph@asu.edu.om
Phone: 92357420 Ext. 1268

I started teaching English as a career way back in 1992 in India. I would like to look upon each students as individuals with theirown personality traits special and important for them which helps me to respect them and accept them as they are. A healthy relationship between teacher and students based on mutual respect positively impact the teaching learning process. Also I try to bring in some out of the box activities to trigger students' critical thinking capabilities.

M.A. (English Language and Literature)