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Nasiruddin Khan
Assistant Professor - Food Science
College of Applied Sciences

Name: Nasiruddin Khan
Job Title: Assistant Professor - Food Science
College: College of Applied Sciences
Phone: +96896300735 Ext. 1175

Dr. Nasiruddin Khan completed his PhD (October 2010) in Human Nutrition from Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Barcelona, Spain. Currently, he is working as an Associate Professor at A’ Sharqiyah University, Oman. Having eight years of research and teaching experience, his reponsibilities as a faculty member includes teaching various major courses from Human and clinical nutrition stream. He got numerous research publications in high impact factor journals and wrote many book chapters as well. 

Doctorate (PhD) in Human Nutrition  (2010)

Master in Nutrition and Metabolism from University of Barcelona, Spain.  (2010)

Master in Science (Biotechnology), from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, India. (2004)

Master in Science (Inorganic Chemistry), from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. (2002)


1- Editorial Board Member in American Journal of Health Research, Science Publishing Group, 1 Rockefeller Plaza, 10th and 11th Floors, New York, NY 10020, U.S.A. Tel: (001)347-983-5186.

2- Editorial Board Member in International Journal of Diabetes & Clinical Diagnosis. Joined on Dec 23, 2016,

3- Editorial Board Member in EC Nutrition Journal on Feb 21, 2017.



  1. Editorial Board Member for International Journal of Diabetes & Clinical Diagnosis. Joined on Dec 23, 2016,
  2. Editorial Board Member for EC Nutrition Journal on Feb 21, 2017.
  • Food consumption pattern and lifestyle behavior
  • Dietary nutrients, supplement and health
  • Cocoa/chocolate metabolites, Atherosclerosis, CVD
  • Diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome
  • Maternal and child health


Effect of cocoa powder in the prevention of cardiovascular disease: biological, consumption and inflammatory biomarkers. A metabolomic approach. In: Muñoz-Torrero D (editor). Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences. India: Transworld Research Network. pg. 121-132. ISBN: 978-81-7895-528-5.

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Journal paper

The Prevalence and Awareness Concerning Dietary Supplement Use among Saudi Adolescents. 

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DOI/URL: DOI:10.35841/biomedicalresearch.30-19-014

Prevalence of Dietary Supplement Use and Associated Factors among Female College Students in Saudi Arabia.
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Responsible as PI in the following “The National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (NPST)” projects at King Saud University.

  1. Project TitlePremature biological aging in Saudi adults with Type 2 diabetes and the influence of endotoxinemia. Technology Sector: Medicine and Health.  Project ID: 12-MED2565-02; Duration: 2014-2016.
  2. Project Title:  A study of dietary intervention for moderating fat intake in Saudi subjects with metabolic diseases. Technology Sector: Medical and Health. Project ID: 11-MED1907-02; Duration: 2011-2013.
  3. Project Title:  The association of Sex Hormone–Binding Globulin (SHBG) with Pre-diabetes, features of Metabolic Syndrome and Dietary intake in Saudi children.   Duration: One year (2015)