Mohammed Al Tobi Profile;

Mohammed Al Tobi
Lecture - Educational Technology
College of Arts and Humanities

Name: Mohammed Al Tobi
Job Title: Lecture - Educational Technology
College: College of Arts and Humanities
Phone: 25401266 Ext. 1266

Teaching and learning technology specialist previously worked in the Ministry of Education as a teacher of information technology. After that a lecturer at A’Sharqiyah University in the field of educational technology. And studying PhD in the field of educational technology as well.

I have a number of unpublished papers related to technology and its impact on education which will soon see the light, and other contributions in the field of research (evaluation and revision).

I also have several workshops that address various groups in society related to technology and education, for example the employment of social media in education.

My interests are electronics and the field of artificial intelligence, I did a number of innovations and a number of software that develop solutions to some life problems in society in general and in schools in particular.

Bachelor of Educational Technology

Master Degree in Educational Technology