Master's Degree

The university awards a diploma's degree in 9 academic majors.

Why a Master degree?

Job Opportunities

First things first, obtaining a bachelor’s degree opens you up to abundant opportunities for jobs that otherwise would have been unattainable. While there are job prospects even for those that choose not to continue their education beyond high school, a great number of jobs require a higher level of education, i.e a bachelor’s degree.

Better Earnings

As you’re well aware, the higher the level of education you get, the bigger your paycheck will be. Data suggests that the college graduate earnings far exceed the salaries of those that don’t hold a degree. Business Insider reported that in their analysis of the U.S. census, they found out that college graduates earn from 38%-95% more than non-graduates.

Personal Growth

A bachelor’s degree has a positive impact on the lives of those who choose to better themselves through education. By giving yourself the opportunity to go on to great things, you are effectively granting yourself carte blanche for the future.