Abdelsalam Adam

Assistant Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - College of Business Administration

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Name: Abdelsalam Adam
Job Title: Assistant Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
College: College of Business Administration
Email: abdelsalam.adam@asu.edu.om
Phone: 1252 Ext.
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Abdelsalam is an Enthusiastic Assistant Professor in Supply chain and business with research, teaching, supervision and administration experience. Abdelsalam is  Continually self-developing to offer innovative and inspiring curriculum implementation, guaranteeing high-quality results in line with academic standards.
Abdelsalam has teaching and research experience in three different countries. He served as a Project Researcher in a European Union-funded project with  Hanken School of Economics, Finland. He was an assistant professor of supply chain at International Maritime College Oman. In addition, he worked as an assistant professor and head of the Business Administration Department at Sudan University of Science and Technology.
Abdelsalam Has deep experience with curriculum and program development. He participated in several undergraduate, postgraduate and DBA programmes development.



PhD in Business Administration - Supply Chain Major

Master of Business Administration 

BSc. in Business Administration  

Supply Chain Management, Supply chain and  IR 4.0 Technology, Humanitarian logistics, Industrial Marketing 


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The COVID-19 Pandemic: How Halal Tourism Operators Utilize Technology of Recovery
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Journal paper

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Conference paper
Examinig the moderating effect of market turbulence between supply chain integration capabilities and competitive advantage of Sudanese manufacturing companies
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<p>Development of Dynamic Strategic Framework by Integrating the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Sultan of Oman &nbsp; &nbsp;Logistics Strategy 2040<br>Perspectives: Oman Logistics Sector<br>HERoS Project - Health Emergency Response in Interconnected Systems.<br>DigCBA digital cash-based assistance Project</p>