Abdullah Al Maawali

Assistant Professor in Management - College of Business Administration

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Name: Abdullah Al Maawali
Job Title: Assistant Professor in Management
College: College of Business Administration
Email: abdullah.almaawali@asu.edu.om
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I'm assistant professor in management (Quality management & HR)

PhD - Business Administration (Quality Management & HR) MS University Malaysia 2017


PhD- Business Administration (Distinction) (Quality management & HR) MS University - Malaysis 2017.

MBA - Business Administration (Honour Level) Hull University UK 2012.

Bachelor of Arts - (Honour) TESOL - University of Leeds UK 2002.    

Quality performance in academic fields 

INQAHI - International Quality Assurance at Higher Education  2008

ONQN -Oman national quality network 2010

QAA -UK - Quality Assurance Accreditation 2018

<p>Evaluation of quality performance at Ministry of Higher Education &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Holistical Managerial&nbsp;</p> <p>TQM (Total Quality Management)&nbsp;</p>