Yaqoob Salim Al Hinai

English Language Instructor - Centre for Language and Foundation Studies

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Name: Yaqoob Salim Al Hinai
Job Title: English Language Instructor
College: Centre for Language and Foundation Studies
Email: yaqoob.alhinai@asu.edu.om
Phone: +968 92222714 Ext. 1096
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I am an English Language Instructor . I started my career in 1991 as an elementary English language teacher. I started my work at the ministry of Education , Sultanate of Oman. In 2001 I started to work as a senior teacher then in 2009 I moved to the directorate of Education in Buraimi governorate to work as an English language supervisor and trainer. In 2013 I resigned from the Ministry of Education and I joined the University of Buraimi as an English language Instructor. In January 2021 I joined A'Sharqiya University as an English Language Instructor. 

BA in Education 

High Diploma in Education 

<p>Regionl English research in how to improve writing skill for high school students. Ministry of Education , Oman 2007</p> <p>Educational project titled : How to teach Reading , University of Buraimi , 2018</p> <p>A member of local examination committee at the ministry of education , Sultanate of Oman.&nbsp;</p>