Abdulrahman Al Jahdhami

English Language Instructor - Centre for Language and Foundation Studies

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Name: Abdulrahman Al Jahdhami
Job Title: English Language Instructor
College: Centre for Language and Foundation Studies
Email: abdulrahman.aljahdhami@asu.edu.om
Phone: Ext. 1254
Contact Details

Abdulrahman Al Jahdhami is currently a lecturer in English at the Center of Language and Foundation Studies, at A'Sharqiyah University. Abdulrahman holds a bachelor of education in English Language and a master in TESOL. Before joining ASU, Abdulrahman was an adjunct lecturer in English linguistics at the University of Nizwa. Abdulrahman also worked in MoE as an English Language Teacher.

Abdulrahman is a cretifed traininer in Training of the Trainers (TOT) in Interactive Model. He aloso underwnt a Translation Training in Media Department, MoHERI.  Besides, He alos holds a certified diploma in small businesses management, Advance level course, Business Knowledge (BCK). 

- Master degree  in TESOL 

- Bachlor of Ed. in English Language

Abdulrahman’s research interests lie primarily in the areas of intrinsic motivation, gamification, and assessment in the Omani EFL context.

Gamifying the English Language Classroom to Motivate Omani Teenagers
DOI/URL: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5021-2.ch003

Conference paper

A Critical Analysis of General Diploma English Language Final exam

Al-Jahdhami, A. (2019). A Critical Analysis of General Diploma English Language Final exam. 24th International TESOL Arabia Conference & Exhibition. 21-23 March 2019, Dubai, UAE.

DOI/URL: https://leanpub.com/theproceedingsofthe24thand25thannualtesolarabiainternationalconferenceandexhibition

A'Sharqiyah University:

- CoAH conferences papers reviewing comittee.

- CLFS PMPD Chair. 


<p>Co-Organizer &amp; Founder</p> <p>Omar School 1st ELT Professional Development Event (under the approval of the General Directorate of the interior region, MoE)</p> <p>Theme: &ldquo;ELT in the Jewel of Izki: Challenges and opportunities&rdquo;| Venue: Omar bin AlKhattab School, Izki, Oman</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Co-Organizer&nbsp;</p> <p>CAS ELT 2nd National Symposium (under the approval of MoHERI)</p> <p>Theme: &ldquo;Literacy and Pedagogy in the Digital Era&rdquo; | Venue: Rustaq College of Applied Science, Rustaq, Oman</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Co-Organizer</p> <p>CAS IT 1st National symposium (under the approval of MoHERI)</p> <p>Theme: &ldquo;Frontiers of Information Technology Business Intelligence and Analytics&rdquo; | Venue: Rustaq College of Applied Science, Rustaq, Oman</p>