Sharif Al Soudi

Assistant Professor - Measurement & Evaluation - College of Arts and Humanities

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Name: Sharif Al Soudi
Job Title: Assistant Professor - Measurement & Evaluation
College: College of Arts and Humanities
Email: sharif.alsoudi@asu.edu.om
Phone: 95389387 Ext. 1253
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Possess a Doctorate in Educational Psychology- Measurement & Evaluation. with over 18 years of diverse work experience in Jordan, KSA, and Oman. in Teaching in Higher Education, Psycho-education Evaluation, educational consultations, Academic Advising, Training programs & Curriculum Development, Data Analysis, Educational Supervision, Educational strategic planning, and Research Projects. By working in the following jobs:

    Assistant Professor in Measurement & Evaluation - A'Sharqiyah University (Oman). Educational consultant in general education- Royal commission (Saudi Arabia). Measurement & Evaluation supervisor- Ibn khaldun education company (Saudi Arabia). Educational trainer - Alkhaleej company (Saudi Arabia). Head of department - Ministry of education (Jordan). School manager - Ministry of education (Jordan). Curriculum author - Ministry of education (Jordan). Statistical analyst – Dar Tomilah for research (Jordan). Educational supervisor - Ministry of education (Jordan). Science & Math. Teacher - Ministry of education (Jordan).
    Ph.D. of Educational Psychology-Measurement & Evaluation (University of Jordan) 2011-2015 (Jordan). Master of Measurement & Evaluation (Mutah University) 2008-2011 (Jordan). Bachelor of Science-Plant Science (Alanbar University) 1998-2002 (Iraq).
    Psychological Testing. Item Response Theory (IRT) in Educational Measurement.  Authentic Evaluation.  Test Scaling & Equating.  Modern Applications in IRT (Adaptive Tests, Items Bank, Scaling….).
Journal paper

Alajmi, Q., Alsawafi, J. and Alsoudi, Sh. (2022). The availability of the skills of distance learning techniques among the 5G6FDWQWEEWWW of A'Sharqiyah University in the Sultanate of Oman in light of some variables. Palestine technical Univesity Research Journal, 10(1)، 103-118. 

DOI/URL: https://rj.ptuk.edu.ps/index.php/pturj/article/view/234/157

Alsoudi, Sh., Alsaqri, M. and Alwahabi, I. (2022). The Predictive Ability of the University Grade Point Average in the Specialized Test Score for the Teacher Position in the Ministry of Education in the Sultanate of Oman, journal of the College of Education for Women-University of Baghdad, 33(2), 72-83

DOI/URL: https://doi.org/10.36231/coedw.v33i2.1593

Al Soudi, Sh., and Joma, A. (2022) The Relationship Between the Big Five Personality Traits and Mental Health, Journal of Social and Human Science Studies,11(3), 807-820. 

DOI/URL: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/article/194173

Joma, A., Al Soudi, S., Al Lawati, E., Al-Rashdiy, E., (2022). The reality of using social media by university students in the Sultanate of Oman through learning distance during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19). Palestine Technical University Research Journal,10(2), 333-352.

DOI/URL: https://rj.ptuk.edu.ps/index.php/pturj/article/view/348/190

Al Soudi, Sh., Al Naimat, K., Joma, A. (2022). Psychometric characteristics of the scale of motivations for using social media sites among Omani university students. IUG Journal of Educational and Psychology Sciences.30(3), 273-291.

DOI/URL: https://journals.iugaza.edu.ps/index.php/IUGJEPS/article/view/11406

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Al-Naimat, K., Alsoudi, Sh., Alsineni, H. (2021) Evaluating the distance learning using the participant-oriented evaluation strategy experience in the Jordanian Ministry of Education in light of the Corona pandemic, Journal of Psychological and Educational Sciences, 7(4), 259-277.

DOI/URL: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/downArticle/105/7/4/163963

Joma A., Al Soudi Sh., Shoqairat I., Arvisais O. (2021). Mental Health and Coping Strategies Durring COVID-19 Outbreak. Psychological & Educational Studies. Accepted

DOI/URL: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/downArticle/117/14/2/163212

Alsoudi, Sh. Almatarafi, R. Almaqbali, S. Alhussaini, A. (2021). The Relationship Between Social Media Use and Mental Health among A'Sharqiyah University Students, Journal of Educational Research and Reviews. 9(5), 109-117

DOI/URL: http://www.sciencewebpublishing.net/jerr/archive/2021/May/pdf/Alsoudi et al.pdf

Alnasraween, M., Ammari, R., Alsoudi, Sh., Alkursheh, T., Almahameed, Y. (2021). Constructing a Scale of Students’ Attitudes Towards Distance Learning at Jordanian Private Universities. International Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. 7(1), 1-13.

DOI/URL: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Delivery.cfm/SSRN_ID3838520_code4586339.pdf?abstractid=3838520&mirid=1

Alsoudi, Sh. Joma, A. (2021). A'Sharqiyah university student’s attitudes towards distance education during the spread of Coronavirus using the equal-appearing intervals method, Journal of Umm Al-Qura University for Educational and Psychological Science, 13(1), 43-73.

DOI/URL: https://2u.pw/xcpvM

Alsoudi, Sh. Aseri, A. (2021). The effect of academic accreditation on the effectiveness of school performance: A case study in the schools of the royal commission in Jubail, Journal of Psychological and Educational Sciences, 7(2), 35-54.

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DOI/URL: https://www.refaad.com/Files/EPSR/EPSR-9-3-6.pdf

Joma, A., Alsoudi, Sh., Alsawafi, J., Miqdad, S. (2020). The Reasons Behind Parental Reluctance in Communication with Schools from Teachers Perspective in Gaza Strip. Journal of Psychological & Educational Studies. Kasdi Merbah-Ouargla University, Algeria, 14(1), 300-320.

DOI/URL: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/article/147351

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Alsoudi, Sh., Al-Nsraween, M. (2018). Comparison of Methods to Control the Effect of Guessing in Multiple-Choice Tests and their Effects on the Characteristics of the Test, Derasat journal: educational science, 45 (4), 6, 597-615.

DOI/URL: https://journals.ju.edu.jo/DirasatEdu/article/view/12278

Alsoudi, Sh., Al-Neimat, K., & Alsafasfah, W. (2017). Checking the Effectiveness of Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventory Applied on Gifted and Normal Students in Jordan in Light of the Item Response Theory, Derasat journal: educational science, 44 (4), 6, 253-276.

DOI/URL: https://journals.ju.edu.jo/DirasatEdu/article/view/10540

Alsoudi, Sh., Alshawa, H. (2017). Comparison of Vertical Scaling Methods based on the Procedures of the Classical Theory of Measurement to Methods based on Item Response Theory, Derasat journal: educational science, 44 (4), 7, 55-72.

DOI/URL: https://journals.ju.edu.jo/DirasatEdu/article/view/7848

Conference paper

Alsoudi, Sh. (2020). Predicting mental health through self-esteem and some demographic variables. The International Scientific Conference on Modern Research Achievements for Human Sciences, College of Arts and Humanities in A'Sharqiyah University (Oman) in partnership with the Al-Thakawat Foundation  (Iraq) and the Lebanese International Academy for Development and Training (Lebanon), 17-18/August/2020.

DOI/URL: http://tcia-iq.com/archives/24177

American Psychological Association (APA), Account Type: Member, Account Number: C2203906558, 12/31/2023.

<p dir="ltr" style="text-align: justify;">Alsoudi, Sh., Almatarafi, R., Almaqbali, Sh., Alhussaini, A. (2020). The effect of using social media on psychological health Among A'Sharqiyah University students. URG Project, TRC, Oman.</p>