Esam Al Lawati

Associate Professor in Psychological Counseling - College of Arts and Humanities

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Name: Esam Al Lawati
Job Title: Associate Professor in Psychological Counseling
College: College of Arts and Humanities
Email: esam.allawati@asu.edu.om
Phone: +96899878282 Ext. 1055
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Associate Professor of Educational Psychology  

Educational Psychology, Ph.D., 2012, Morocco. 

Educational Psychology, Master, SQU, 2004, Oman. 

High Diploma “Administration Education”, SQU, 2000, Oman. 

High Diploma “Educational Qualification”, Jourdan University, 1989, Jordan. 

Bachelor’s in Art, History, Yarmook University, 1988, Jordan. 


Educational Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology.  


Journal paper

The effectiveness of the educational qualification diploma program in raising self-confidence among the trained teachers at the College of Arts and Humanities at A’Sharqiyah University in the Sultanate of Oman. Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, Vol. 9(3), pp. 71-76, March 2021. doi: 10.33495/jerr_v9i3.20.204. ISSN: 2384-7301

DOI/URL: http://sciencewebpublishing.net/jerr/archive/2021/March/abstract/Al-Lawati%20and%20Al-Farsi.htm

The Impact of psychological anxiety on academic achievement in A’Sharqiyah University in the Sultanate of Oman. Asian Mirror - Volume VII, Issue I, 10 March-2020 ISSN: 2348-6112

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Industrial & Community Engagement -From 2018

Member of the editorial board of A' Sharqiyah University Journal of Education and Humanities. Ibra, Sultanate of Oman.

Member of the International Journal of Scientific Advances. 

Member of the editorial board of “The Researchers” journal, International Research Journal, India.

Member of APA (C 2002463190).