Dean's Message

It is a great privilege for me to be able to welcome you to the College of Engineering at A’Sharqiyah University. Engineering education is the foundation of all professions especially with the technological advancement in all aspects of life. Engineers design and build essential infrastructure and engineering systems that sustain a civilized quality in all aspects of life such as telecommunications, medical equipment, manufacturing plants, energy generation, transmission and distribution, irrigation systems, water supply and transportation systems, etc. Engineers will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping solutions to new problems that confront humanity. For example, engineers will deliver solutions to challenges such as optimal and balanced use of land and natural resources, protection of the environment, food, water and energy security, building smart and sustainable cities with advanced technological infrastructure. In the Sultanate of Oman, Engineers will play a pivotal role is delivering Oman Vision 2040. Engineers work in the public and private sectors and also in non-governmental organizations. Engineers will continue to contribute to building a developed, diversified and a sustainable Omani Economy. As such, we believe at ASU in providing an exciting activities and healthy collaborative environment to our students and staff as this will enable them to foster innovations and to shape solutions to new problems that will transform people’s lives and communities.

College of Engineering at ASU is a perfect place to learn about engineering and how to bridge engineering with the real world. We are educating the engineering and technology leaders of tomorrow. We are continuously reviewing our curriculum in collaboration with the industry and the relevant stakeholders to maintain its relevance to best engineering practice. We are providing our students with technical competencies and soft skills that are highly needed by employers. 

CoE’s faculty members and students are also engaged in research. They are pursuing innovative and inter- and multi-disciplinary research that is addressing the most pressing challenges facing our world and of strategic importance to the sustainable development of Oman. The College is equipped with world-class engineering laboratories which allow faculty and students to conduct their research works. The College of Engineering at A’Sharqiyah University encouraged researchers not to focus on basic research but also to work in applied research which will in turn transform people’s lives and communities.

Finally, I invite you to browse our webpages, to read more about our programs and research and to engage with us. I welcome your views, comments, suggestions or any questions that you may have about the opportunities to study in the College of Engineering. I invite you to visit our campus, tour our facilities, meet our faculty and students and decide whether A’Sharqiyah University is for you. I am confident that you will find our educational experience and exceptional opportunities exactly what you are looking for.