College of Law

About the College of Law

The Faculty of Law at ASU seeks to be the first and ideal destination for law students, whether they are from the Sultanate of Oman or abroad.

the College’s vision and mission, in line with  and ultimate goal isto produce a generation familiar with the laws, capable of analyzing its texts and able to compete in the available legal functions.

To this end, the College is keen to attract legal experts (academic or technical) who have extensive experience in the legal academic work or those who have judicial or investigative or consultative experience combined with experience inthe selection of appropriate curricula for each law course studied by students.The faculty is keen to make practical application a prominent place in its study plan. There were articles for implementation whether the article was in the application of general or private laws, so that the student obtains legal knowledge in practice

Taking into account the above,  students should be able to absorb the legal process in all its aspects, whether academic or applied, public or private law in the work of the courts or the work of the consultant or whether understanding the law of judicial work versus its functions. The College will establish a simulated court as a model for Omani courts to apply both the legal concept and the legal process. The college will also establish a legal office/service that will provide legal advice as a service to society through social media and through university offices, thereby also  training students to deal with real-life legal issues. The students will be under the supervision of scientific,professional and competent staff who will help to produce graduate students with  greater awareness and readiness in all legal aspects to serve their country and their community.