College of Engineering

About the College

The College of Engineering at A’Sharqiyah University (ASU) opened in 2011 and has grown to a current enrollment of about 400 students.  The College will continue to grow in order to accommodate over 700 students in new classrooms and laboratories located in the new College of Engineering building that was completed in September 2017.  With a first-rate building and state-of-the-art laboratories, the ASU Engineering College will continue to draw community members and prospective students to the growing campus. The College of Engineering at present offers undergraduate academic programs at Diploma/Degree levels.


College Mission

The mission of the College is to educate creative professional engineers, technologists and technicians and to equip them to serve society in a globalized knowledge economy. Working in partnership with its stakeholders; the College is committed to the creation and transfer of new knowledge and technologies through the efforts of faculty, staff and students. 

 College Vision

The College vision is to achieve national and international stature as a College of Engineering through excellence in engineering education, research and innovation, outreach and external community engagement whilst contributing to the competitiveness, social and economic development and prosperity of the Sultanate of Oman.

Departments and Programs

A’Sharqiyah University is a great place for engineering education and the College of Engineering offers many opportunities. The College has at present two departments. They are Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering. The College is expanding and expects to open more programs and departments shortly. Students may study on a full time basis or part-time basis.

The College’s existing academic departments offer programs in several areas. The programs are:

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Diploma in Environmental Engineering

Diploma in Construction Project Management

Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

Bachelor of Science in Water Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering Management 

Graduate Attributes

The distinguishing features of an A’Sharqiyah University graduate contained in its declared graduate attributes are:

  • Knowledge of a discipline
  • Commitment to national development and Omani ethical values
  • Innovative spirit
  • Global insight
  • Adaptability to changing environments

Engineering education at A’Sharqiyah University emphasizes students’ understanding of the fundamental principles of mathematics and the physical sciences and the ability to apply these sciences to solve practical problems within economic, environmental, societal, political, ethical, health and safety, and sustainability constraints. In addition, our students graduate equipped with the transferable skills that employers require worldwide. Our graduates are able to think critically and to communicate effectively. They are creative and innovative. They have problem-solving skills and are able to use modern information technology. They are able to function as part of multi-disciplinary teams. Our graduates have knowledge of contemporary issues and understand their professional and ethical responsibilities. Overall, we train our students to develop the ability to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. Our faculty offer world class instruction and are committed to improving further the student experience and to achieving excellent graduate employability.


Academic Achievements and Prizes.  

The College honors students every semester if they achieve a minimum prescribed level of academic excellence. Such students are entered on the Dean’s Honor Roll in recognition of their achievement. These academic awards are conferred on successful students on University Day.

Students with the support of their research supervisors can also apply for research grants from The Research Council (TRC) as part of the Undergraduate Research Grants program. Successful student applicants in the College have been in the areas of environmental engineering, renewable energy and electronics engineering.

Finally, College of Engineering students also compete regularly in national and international academic competitions. For example, in 2018, a College of Engineering student won the Oman Huawei ICT competition where more than 400 competitors participated. As a result, the student travelled to China on 22nd November, 2018 to receive the International Huawei ICT Competition Award 2018.  

Research and Scholarly Activity

Our faculty are also dedicated researchers and some of them are world-renowned authorities in their areas of expertise. We are conducting ground breaking research that is world leading and impactful in a selection of areas and are building capacity in others. We are developing partnerships for applied research with industry to help national and international companies to improve their products, processes and services. We have links and research networks with Universities and professional institutions worldwide.

Academic staff in the College also serve on various national and international committees. They present their research findings at national and international conferences. In addition, they publish journal papers and serve on editorial boards of leading international journals in their disciplines.