Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) aims to support students academically and develop their academic skills and abilities in various study programs offered by the university, thereby enabling them to achieve their full academic potential.

The Academic Advising Center was established for the purpose of providing the students with best success and excellence opportunities during their study at A’Sharqiyah University. It aims to support the students academically and develop their academic skills and abilities in the various study programs offered by the university and enable them to gain scientific experiences which will be reflected in their high levels of achievement.

Academic Advising Center Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate peer-tutoring classes by high-performing students to support other students.
    Help students with registration issues.
  • Encourage academic advisors to follow up with their Advisees to register the maximum credits based on the study plan. 
    Provide advice and keep following up with students in their fields of study.
  • Identify improvement opportunities and best practices in academic advising and share with academic advisors.
    Participate in the induction process for new staff and students to present AAC services.
  • Arrange professional development workshops for academic advisors and students on academic advising matters.
    Monitor the academic performance of students on probation and provide extra support via tutor classes.
  • Directly follow up with students with zero or low enrollment.
  • Follow up with students identified as vulnerable or at risk.
  • Communicate with colleges, academic advisors, admission and registration department, students’ services, and other ASU bodies to ensure that issues outside the academic domain are addressed and a clear plan is drafted to help the students.
  • Keep track of all correspondences and share the investigation outcomes with academic advisors and other relevant ASU bodies.


Ms. Nasrin Mubarak AL Hajri
Director of Academic Advising Center
Phone: 25401016 Ext. 1016

Ms. Shaima Amur Mohamed Albatrani
Academic Support Specialist
Phone:25401009 Ext.1009