Academic Advising


An academic advisor shall be appointed for each student after joining the college who will be responsible for the following:

a) Guiding the student during his college study and giving advice on all matters relating to his academic life.

b) Giving advice and various alternatives to the student in case of any academic failure and directing him to find different alternatives.


A. Each Student may postpone his studies for one semester renewable for another semester during the first 4 weeks from the commencement of the semester or as determined by the appropriate authority. However, if the student failed to register for any course in this semester he shall be considered "postponed".

B. Any student may postpone during the semester for reasons of health, family circumstances, or due to pregnancy, or any other compelling circumstance after getting the approval of the concerned Dean of their College and consultation with the Admission and Registration Director. The student may be asked to provide documentation supporting his request for postponement such as medical reports.

C. Any student may extend the postponement period to more than two semesters in exceptional circumstances after approval of the appropriate authorities.

D. No student is allowed to postpone the first semester at the University except in special cases.

E. Students shall be deemed as withdrawn from the University if they were absent after the end of postponement period.

F. The readmission of any student shall be reconsidered on case by case basis. Readmitted students could resume their study at the start of the semester only after completing the regular registration procedures