Systems & Applications

Dorms APP

For female students only. They can book any room through the system. It also includes leaves and requests for clearance from the dorm

Online Petition

A system that allows the student to submit requests during his study period, such as requests for clearance (postponement, graduation and withdrawal), change of major, providing an excuse for absence, academic observation, and other requests


Registration system through which the student can register courses and view the study plan, as well as follow up on absence and final results for each semester, in addition to some information related to the student’s academic advisor and other information related to the student’s study

Online Admission

To submit an application to join the university as a new student


Alumni system, all graduates can use the system to update their job and training data

Students counseling

Concerned with helping students by holding counseling sessions according to each case

Complains and Violations

Student can apply complaint, whether it is against a service or against any employee or student

Students Activities

Allow student to participate in student societies and highlight his talents by submitting proposals for holding activities according to each society