Director Welcome

Director’s Welcome 


I would like to welcome all visitors of the Learning Resources Center at A’Sharqiyah University that include students, faculty members, administrative board and all members of the local community in Ibra at A’Sharqiyah North Governorate. Kindly, allow me to present a summary about Learning Resource Center and what information seekers can find in this distinguished scientific entity. Learning Resource Center at A’Sharqiyah University was established in 2010 and located within the new campus. It contains a distinguished collection of books, references and scientific journals covering various topics and fields of interest to the academic community at A’Sharqiyah University.
Besides, providing access to the physical collection, Learning Resource Center at A’Sharqiyah University offers members of the university community the opportunity to access and use digital resources available in Virtual Library of Oman: Masader that covers all human knowledge and various scientific specializations, whether these sources are in Arabic or in other languages. Current services of Learning Resource Center at A’Sharqiyah University include internal access to information, circulation, photocopying, printing, scanning documents, use of computers labs, accessing Internet network service Wi-Fi, searching digital databases, reference services, answering quires, training and development, holding seminars and cultural sessions, and providing spacious rooms for individuals and groups for studying and discussions.

In the coming period, the Learning Resource Centre is planning to provide various services that accommodate the needs of the academic community for which it was established. Besides serving the local community and enhancing community engagement of Ibra at A’Sharqiyah North Governorate. The Learning Resources Centre is also planning to increase the volume number of the basic collection to meet the requirements and fulfill the various academic needs.
Learning Resource Center has well-trained specialists in the field of library and information sciences that are ready to help and answer queries and available during the week from Sunday to Thursday.
Our main goal is to meet your expectations and be a great support in fulfilling various information needs.


Director of the Learning Resources Center 
A’Sharqiyah University