Dean's Message

On my behalf and on behalf of the members of the College of Arts and Humanities, I’m pleased to welcome you to CAH website. The College started its programs at the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019, which aims to achieve its vision to enriches scientific knowledge with human values leading towards the socio-economic development of the Sultanate of Oman. It seeks to carry out its tasks in providing the labor market with specialized scientific competencies, and contribute effectively to the development of Omani society, and strengthen partnership with the community. This is achieved by providing specialized skills through advanced learning and teaching methods, research and scholarly activities for community development with fundamental values.

The College is working, through academic departments, to grant the following programs:

  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching Methods for five specializations (Islamic Education, Arabic, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science).
  • Bachelor of Education: Basic Education; Field 1.
  • Bachelor of Education: Basic Education; Field 2.
  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics.
  • Bachelor of Education in Arabic.
  • Bachelor of Education in English.
  • Bachelor of Psychological Counseling.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Arabic language and Literature/ Diploma in Arabic and Literature.
  • Educational Diploma.

Furthermore, the College is planning to launch other programs at the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and humanities, and to continue in developing offered academic programs to meet the needs of students and society in line with the scientific and research expansions and the latest advances in the fields of education, arts and humanities.  College seeks to provide high - quality academic programs and achieve the acquisition of knowledge through its various academic departments, in order to ensure that the graduates receive the appropriate qualifications that enable them to compete in their career-pursuits, and to continue their higher studies. The college programs are characterized with equable curricula and compatibility designs with the applicable standards and were benchmarked with a number of similar programs in a number of universities. The programs seek to achieve in-depth understanding of the majors provided, and to deal effectively, distinctly, scientifically and sensibly with the fields of Education, Humanities and Arts.

Taking into account the importance of practical training for students during their study in various majors, the college gives it a great importance as the practical training is a basic component of the provided programs. It is a prerequisite for the university degree. This aspect is beneficial for the students in many of areas; including the practical application of the theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies, the nature of the labor market and its needs, and the fact that it gives an important impression to the students about the nature of the individuals who will deal with them after graduation at the university. The place of training can be the same as the workplace in the future.

The College pays special attention to the students by providing an excellent learning environment in the provided majors; to help teachers and students to provide their best, and to enhance cooperation and partnership with local community institutions to boost the teaching and learning, and encourage scientific research.

The College includes a group of the best faculty members with outstanding academic experiences in university teaching and various fields of scientific research who will provide continuous support to the college’s students in an environment characterized by friendly relations, respect and cooperation between teachers and students. The faculty work very hard to help students and encourage them to upgrade their scientific level, which will reflect on their performance of their workplace in the future.

The College aspires to have students find what they are looking for in terms of educational and guidance services from the teachers and staff. I personally welcome any communication with them in order to develop and improve the work.

I wish the College and ASU the prosperity to achieve visions and ambitions.


Dr. Mohammed Al Saqri

Dean, College of Arts and Humanities