Learning Resources Centre membership

Learning Resources Centre membership
Learning Resources Centre at A’Sharqiyah University is looking forward to become a radiant beacon in serving alumni and surrounding community. To achieve this goal, the Learning Resources Centre by the beginning of the academic year of 2019/2020 started to provide services to university alumni and surrounding community, not only to serve the residents of the province of A’Sharqiyah, but extended to include all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman. The following section outlines the services provided by the Learning Resource Centre: and the required steps for membership.

Learning Resource Centre Services
The Learning Resource Centre allows participants to benefit from the following services:
1. Book circulation 
2. Reading 
3. Using computer labs
4. Use the Internet
5. Use of Open Access Sources
6. Wi-Fi service
7. Cultural events, seminars and workshops
8. Reference services 
9. Current Awareness Services

1. Copy of Identification card.
2. Copy of University Identification card OR work card.
3. 1photo
4. Email
5. Mobile number.
6. Fees of 10.000 R.O

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