College of Applied and Health Sciences

The College of Applied and health Sciences (CAHS) is a pioneering faculty at ASU aiming to promote high international quality education in Oman that prepares students for modern, high quality jobs in various disciplines related to science and technology. The primary focus of the CAHS at ASU is the effective utilization of the Sultanate's resources for sustainable growth and development of the human society in Oman. Our vision is to be among the top applied sciences colleges in the Middle East region. Internationally recognized for excelling science education and research while contributing substantially to national and regional development and find solutions to issues of strategic importance through basic and applied research and disseminate knowledge to the Omani and International communities which will result in continuous improvements to the quality of life.

List of Programs offered by the college

  • Diploma in food science and human nutrition
  • BSc in food science and human nutrition
  • BSc in Veterinary Medicine Program
  • Diploma in Marine Science and Fisheries
  • BSc in Marine Science and Fisheries