Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resource Centre 

Establishment of Learning Resource Centre at ASU 
The Learning Resource Centre at A’Sharqiyah University was established in 2010, located within the new campus. It contains about 16,000 volumes of various types, such as books, references materials and scientific journals. The Learning Resource Centre collections cover various academic fields of interest for the faculty in the various  departments of A’Sharqiyah University. The main fields covered are business studies, management, food science, nutrition, engineering design, computer designing, construction, construction management and transport, economics, and sociology. The Learning Resource Centre is currently planning to expand the number of collections and acquisitions to cover all subject areas related to the university programmes. The Learning Resources Centre is also planning to provide advanced services to all the academic communities and local individuals of Ibra in the North A’Sharqiyah Governorate.

The Learning Resource Centre provides the academic community access the various digital resources available in MASADER , the Virtual Library of Oman. It provides a unique opportunity for faculty members, students, researchers, graduates and members of the local community to access directly knowledge of various scientific specializations, whether in Arabic or English.  Examples of digital databases available in MASADER  include El Marefaa Database, El Manhal Database, Dar El Mandoma Database, EBSCO Database, E-books Database, Arabic eBook Database of academic dissertation and scientific research, and Arabic Search Ultimate. MASADER  also includes trial databases, which can be used to access other information.

The Learning Resource Centre supports primarily the mission of ASU, which emphasizes the development and enrichment of human knowledge through supporting creative learning methods and applied research that, mainly, contribute effectively to social and economic development. In addition to providing a stimulating learning environment promoted by international cooperation. The Learning Resources Centre strives to provide access to various sources of information in all formats to the academic community in all its substantive interests and diversity of orientations by providing advanced information services to support and meet the requirements of the A’Sharqiyah University’s mission and objectives, teaching, research and community service.

A’Sharqiyah University aims to provide a dynamic environment for learning, scientific research and community service. The Learning Resource Centre is considered to be the main gate to create this environment by facilitating access to information sources of all types and kinds. To achieve this vision, the Learning Resource Centre is keen to be a leading centre in providing various sources of information and offering various services to improve performance and to achieve the required level of excellence that A’Sharqiyah University seeks to achieve.