College of Applied and Health Sciences Publications

College of Applied and Health Sciences Publications


  • Synthesis, optical spectroscopy, structural, and DFT studies on dimeric iodo-bridged Copper(I) complexes, AshanulHaquea, Rayya A.Al Balushi, Idris JumaAl-Busaidi, RashidIlmi, Nawal Al Rasbi, MaharajaJayapal, Muhammad S.Khan, Paul R.Raithby, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry,V. 892, 75-82, 2019.
  • Supramolecular architecture of molecular-level-ordered 1,1’-ferrocenedicarboxylic acid with poly(4-vinylpyridine) for bulk magnetic coupling, Hong-Joon Lee, Won-Jeong Shin, Nakheon Sung, Won-bin Kim, Beong Ki Cho, Mohammad Changez, and Jae-Suk Lee,ACS Applied Polymer Materials,DOI: 10.1021/acsapm.8b00123.
  • Homologous G776G Variant of Transcobalamin-II Gene is Linked to Vitamin B12 Deficiency,Khalid M. Al-Batayneh, Mazhar Salim Al Zoubi, Bahaa Al-Trad, Emad Hussein, Wesam Al Khateeb, Alaa A. A. Aljabali, Khaldon Bodoor, Murad Shehab, Mohammad A. Al Hamad, Greg J. Eaton, and Christopher T, Cornelison,International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research,DOI: 10.1024/0300-9831/a000536
  • Caffeinated beverages and energy drink: pattern, awareness and health side effects among Omani university students, Nasiruddin Khan, Biomedical Research 2019; 30 (1): 113-121, 2019.


  • Use of Vitamin D Supplements in Middle East Countries: The Need of the Hour, Nasiruddin Khan, and Shakira Khatoon, EC NUTRITION, 596-599, 2018.
  • Detection of antibiotic-producing Actinobacteria in the sediment and water of Ma’in thermal springs (Jordan), Hussein EI, Jacob JH, Shakhatreh MAK, Al-Razaq MAA, Juhmani ASF, Cornelison CT, GERMS 2018;8(4),191-198,doi: 10.18683/germs.2018.1146. CTGERMS ,8(4),191-198, 2018.  doi: 10.18683/germs.2018.1146.
  • A New Subclass Of Univalent Functions Defined By The Means Of Jamal Operator, Jamal Y. Salah, Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS), 108(2), 389-399, 2018.
  • Spectroscopic characterization, crystallographic elucidation and DFT investigation of 5-fluoro-6-(4-methylpiperazin-1-yl)benzo[d]thiazol-2-amine, Thuraya S. Al-Harthy, Musa Shongwe, John Husband, Raphael Stoll, Klaus Merz, Raid Abdel-Jalil, Journal of Molecular Structure, 1176 (2019),  614-621.
  • A Note on Caputo’s Derivative Operator Interpretation in Economy, Hammeed Ur Rehman , Maslina Darus, Jamal Salah, Journal of Applied Mathematics 2018(2018), 1-7, DOI: 10.1155/2018/1260240.
  • Rise of Conjugated Poly-ynes and Poly(Metalla-ynes): From Design Through Synthesis to Structure–Property Relationships and Applications, Ashanul Haque, Rayya A. Al-Balushi, Idris Juma Al-Busaidi, Muhammad S. Khan, and Paul R. Raithby, Chemical Review, 118 (18), pp 8474–8597, 2018.
  • Dicopper(I) Complexes Incorporating Acetylide-Functionalized Pyridinyl-Based Ligands: Synthesis, Structural, and Photovoltaic Studies, M. Jayapal, A. Haque, I. J. Al-Busaidi, N. Al-Rasbi, R.A. Al Balushi, M.K. Al-Suti, M.S. Khan, S. Islam, C. Xin, W. Wu, W.Y. Wong, F. Marken, and P.R. Raithby, Inorganic Chemistry, 57 (19), pp 12113–12124, DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.8b01684
  • Detection of antibiotic-producing Actinobacteria in the sediment and water of Ma’in thermal springs (Jordan),Hussein EI, Jacob JH, Shakhatreh MAK, Al-Razaq MAA, Juhmani ASF, Cornelison CTGERMS 2018;8(4):191-198. doi: 10.18683/germs.2018.1146.
  • Coefficient properties involving the generalized k−mittag-leffler functions, Jamal Salah, Hameedur Rehman,Transylvanian, Journal of mathematics and mechanics,9(2), 155-164, Jan 2018.
  • On a Subclass of Univalent Functions Defined by the Modified Caputo’s Fractional Calculus Derivative Operator, Jamal Y. Salah, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 1(1), 1-10, 2018.
  • Graphing Examples of Starlike and Convex Functions of order β, Hameed Ur Rehman, Maslina Darus, and Jamal Salah, Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, 12(3),  509-515, 2018.
  • High-Throughput Sequencing-Based Review of Bacillus Diversity in Jordanian Hot Springs Water, Jacob H. Jacob, Emad I. Hussein, Muhamad Ali K. Shakhatreh, World Applied Sciences Journal, 36 (3): 470-475, 2018.


  • Sarcocystis spp Prevalence in Camel Meat in Jordan, FK Al-Ani and Z Amr, Journal of Dairy & Veterinary Sciences, 4(4), November 10, 2017 DOI: 10.19080/JDVS.2017.04.555643
  • Factors associated with dietary supplement use in Saudi pregnant women, Hanan A Alfawaz, Nasiruddin Khan, Najlaa AlOteabi, Syed D Hussain, Nasser M Al-Daghri, Reproductive health, 14(1), 104, 2017 doi:10.1186/s12978-017-0357-7
  • Prevalence of dietary supplement use and associated factors among female college students in Saudi Arabia, Hanan Alfawaz, Nasiruddin Khan, Aziza Alfaifi, BMC women’s health, 17(1), 116, 2017.
  • In Situ Formation of Molecular-scale Ordered Polyaniline Film by Zinc Coordination, Hong-Joon Lee, Sang-Ook Hur, Min-Kyoon Ahn, Mohammad Changez, and Jae-Suk Lee, Nanoscale, Royal Society of Chemistry, 9(19), 6545-6550, 2017.
  • Prévalence saisonnière des larves de la mouche des naseaux (Cephalopina titillator) chez le chameau en Jordanie, Falah Al-Ani, Zuhair Amr, Revue d’élevage et de médecine vétérinaire des pays tropicaux, 69(3), 125-127, 2017.
  • A Note on the Hurwitz Zeta Function, Jamal Salah, Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 101(12),  2677-2683, 2017.
  • Neuroprotective effect of Withania Somnifera L Dunal (Ashwagandha): The rejuvenator, Hakikulla Shah et. Al, Canadian Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 5(2),  34-51, 2017.
  • Attitudes and Behavior Towards Sunlight Exposure and Knowledge About Vitamin D Among Omani Female University Students”, Nasiruddin Khan., Sajid Hussain, Shahana Bashar, Sikander Hasan, Eunice Anne Gonzaga Palis, Saud Iqbal, EC Nutrition, 8.2: 35-42.S, 2017.
  • Closed-to-Convex Criterion Associated to the Modified Caputo’s fractional Calculus Derivative Operator, Jamal Salah, Far East Journal of Mathematics. 101(1),  55-59, January 2017.


  • A review on phyto pharmacological aspects of Peltophorum pterocarpum (dc) baker ex. K heyne, Maria Jerline Babu, Arumugam Vijay Anand, Hakkim FL, Quazi Mohammad Imranul Haq, International Journal of Advanced Research, 2016, 4(11), 801-807.
  • Seasonal prevalence of the larvae of the nasal fly (Cephalopina titillator) in camels in Jordan, Falah Al-AniRev. Elev. Med. Vet. Pays Trop., 2016, 69 (3),  1-6, 2016.
  • 2-Isopropenyl-2-oxazoline: Well-Defined Homopolymers and Block Copolymers via Living Anionic Polymerization, Mohammad Changej, Macromolecules journal published by American Chemical Society (ACS), 50 (1),  54–62, 2016.
  • Food Consumption Patterns of Male and Female University Students in Oman, S. Saud Iqbal, Nasiruddin Khan, Shahana Bashar, Eunice Palis, Vandita Singh. Transactions on Engineering and Sciences, 4(4), October-December 2016, ISSN: 2347-1964 (Online) 2347-1875 (Print).
  • Estimation of Energy levels of Self-assembled Ferrocenyls and Investigation of Charge-Driven Electro-crystallization of Ferricenyl materials,
    Hakikulla H. Shah, Muhammad Changez, Vandita Singh, Mohammad Luqman, Yahya Ismail, Paul R. Raithby and Frank Marken, Energy Procedia Publisher Elsevier, 100  149–154, 2016.
  • Rhus aucheri Boiss, an Omani herbal medicine: Identification and in-vitro antioxidant and antibacterial potentials of its leaves’ extracts Vandita Singh, Fatima Al-Malki, Mohammad Sadat Ali, S. Saud Iqbal, Philip Fletcher, Nejib Guizani , Omima Al-Saidi , Rahma Al-Hanaai , Rawan Al-Bahri ,Safiya Al-Ghdani , Syed Sikander Hasan , Hakikulla H. Shah, Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Science, Publisher Elsevier, 5 (2016 )  334–339.
  • A Note on the Modified Caputo’s Derivative Operator, Jamal Salah. Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS), 100(4), Pages 609-615, August 2016.
  • Emerging begomovirus diseases transmitted by whiteflies in the sultanate of Oman, Luqman Faruck, advance research journal of multi-disciplinary discoveries,6(1), 21-26,2016
  • Chemical profiling and anti-microbial activity of frankincense (boswellia sacra) derived heavy oil, Luqman Faruk, Comprehensive Research Journal of Microbiology, 1(1), 001-005, 2016.
  • Assessment of in vitro cytotoxicity of saffron on cervical cancer cells (hep-2) and their in vivo pre-clinical toxicity in normal swiss albino mice. Hakkim FL, International journal of herbal medicine, 4(5), 80-83, 2016.
  • Growth Inhibitory effect of Cymbopogan schoenanthus on triple negative breast cancer (MDA MB 231) and cervical cancer (HEp-2) cells: Piperitone and Elemol as an active principle, Hakkim FL, Mohammed Al-Buloshi, Jackson Achankunju, Austin Journal of Medical Oncology, 3(1), 2016.
  • A novel technique to improve the biodegradation efficiency of dextranase enzyme using the synergistic effects of ultrasound combined with microwave shock, Mohanad Bashari, Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies (IFSET), 125-132, 2016.
  • An outbreak of dermatophilosis and caseous lymphadenitis mixed infection in camels (Camelus dromedaries) in Jordan, Falah Al-ani, The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries, 10(5),  506-511, 2016.
  • Properties of the modified caputo’s derivative operator for certain analytic functions, Jamal Y. Salah, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 109(3), 665-671, 2016.
  • Ruptures of prepubic tendon in shami beed pregnant goats, AL-ANI FLAH, Translational Biomedicine journal, 2016.
  • Identification by SEM and screening of antibacterial and antioxidant activity of Pteropyrum Scoparium Jaub & Spach Leaves using green solvent extracts, Hakikulla Shah, Mohammad Sadat, Vandita Singh, Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine journal, 16(3),  203–208, 2016.
  • A Note on Riemann Zeta Function, Jamal SalahIOSR Journal of Engineering (IOSREN),6, 2, 7-16, 2016.
  • Effects of Na-sulfopropyl Groups on the Mechanical Properties and Morphology of Polystyrene-co-methacrylate Ionomers, Kwang-Hwan Ko, Mohammad Luqman, Young-Wun Kim, Joon-Seop Kim, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 54,11, 1043-1053, 2016.
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  • Dataset: Chemical composition and anti-proliferative effect of Oman’s Ganoderma applanatum on breast cancer and cervical cancer cells, Farouq LH, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 2016.
  • The Implications of HIV/AIDS on the Nutritional Status and the MNT for Its Patients,  Louay Labban,  EC Nutrition, 3(4), 673-679, 2016.


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  • The Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among A’Sharqiyah University Students in Sultanate of Oman: A Randomized Study, Louay LabbanEC Nutrition. 3(1), 521-527, 2015.
  • Can Physical Activity Reduce the Need of Medications for Diabetes Mellitus Management? Louay Labban  Journal of  Diabetes Metabolism , S13: 015, 2015
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