Ibra Hospital

The North East governorate, like other governorates of the Sultanate network of health institutions to form the infrastructure of health services. It focused on maintaining the Ministry of Health over the health plans in a row, overall development, and modernization of the level of health services and in 03/04/2005 it established Ibra Hospital to provide secondary health care to citizens.

Ibra hospital is one of the autonomous regional referral hospital in North Sharqiya governorate. The basic activities of this 191- bedded hospital are: rendering primary, secondary and partial tertiary care to patients ( clients in both the governorate and the surroundings); and training different staff levels.

The hospital is committed to meeting the holistic needs of our patients, respecting them as individuals irrespective of their religion or creed. We also believe in equity, fairness, and building trust and integrity with all our patients. In light of the Renaissance era of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, may God preserve him and sponsored.





Emergency Room 25587100 Office
Coordination and Follow-up  25587001 Office
Coordination and Follow-up  25587003 Fax
Pateint Care Services 25587022 Office
Health Information System 25587016 Office
Health Information System 25587017 Fax