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You said… We did

You said

We did

Does LRC contain general books? LRC doesn't only contain scientific materials and textbooks, but it also collects and purchases general books of public interest from Muscat book fair every year. A special budget has been assigned for this purpose.
Do students have to pay fines during the suspension periods, i.e. Corona virus suspension period? All fines will be canceled during the suspension periods, and as such waived for students and staff during the Corona virus suspension periods.
Can external users use LRC? Yes. LRC is open for local people in Ibra as well as locals from different areas in Oman. A website has been created for this purpose to explain how to become an LRC member. Available at:
We want to partake in tutor-led classes but we can’t come to the LRC to attend it in person. We have moved 35 courses with 30 tutors to WhatsApp in order to accommodate all students. The attendance in tutor led classes is around 3500 students
Moodle apps are not available and accessing Moodle from the ASU website is slow We implemented the Mobile App to simplify access to Moodle for Students and Staff.
Moodle is very slow We updated and upgraded the Moodle server to Improve the E-Learning.
Internet packages are very costly and we need support from ASU to get free Internet Packages. ASU provided free Internet to students " 10 GB for normal students and 50 GB for social welfare students "
We require implementation of an online meeting software We have implemented Microsoft Teams to be used for online meetings between ASU staff and for the BOT and BOD, as well as for communication between instructors and students.
We are facing challenges when we want to use e-services modules and applications that are implemented in ASU. To provide the best support for students and Staff , the IT department produced videos to describe how to use E-Services and Applications.
Internet  is very slow in Al Aqtab Droms, and we want ASU to improve the internet speed. Improved internet speed in Al Aqtab Dorm by point to point connection from ASU campus. Students can get a good internet speed which  also imporove access to Moodle and other applications implemented at  ASU.
The capacity of the photocopiers  provided for students  does not meet the daily load of  prints. We request that ASU add one extra. We added one heavy duty photocopy machine to improve the printing system for students.
We need an Ice-cream & popcorn coffee shop in Al Aqtab dorms We have added a vendor (OKAZ fast food) to serve ice-cream and popcorn at Al-Aqtab Dorm
We are having water issues at Al-Aqtab dorm We connected the PAW water line and water tanker to deal with the water issue
Hygiene issue during COVID-19 Issue Fixed automatic dispensing machines for Sanitizer in each building
How are assessments conducted? Different assessment methods are being used: assigments, open exam, report…
How can I withdraw from courses which I cannot complete by distance learning? Upon the MoHE desition, the student can withdraw from any course that they cannot complete by distance learning.
There are issues in uploading  Assessment Submissions to Moodle LMS Instructors sought the support of the ASU – IT Staff and dealt with this problem
We want the Instructor to communicate with us both in Moodle and on other Social Media platforms for our easy access WhatsApp groups were formed in some courses and to facilitate student-teacher interactions for better learning
We need to have a better understanding of the chapters by Audio/Video Lectures PowerPoint presentations are uploaded with Audio Lectures in Moodle for better learning
We need training courses to prepare for the IELTS  test We provided IELTS course on camps for students and the community.
We need to sit for the IELTS Exam on campus. We provided IELTS Exam on Campus as requested.
We need summer courses for the community We provided summer courses for community in english language, chemistry, physics and mathmatics
We suggest that the SPSS program be installed in the library's computers so we can use it for data analysis to assist with our course work. A simillar, free software application(PSPP) was sent to students through email  to help them in data analysis.
We need to communicate with the Dean's office during online learning We developed a call center to ansewer students' enquiries and respond to emails at any time. 
We want to withdraw this semester but we can't complete the withdrawal form as I am a special needs student We communicated with special needs students to learn of their reasons for withdrawal and completed the form on their behalf.
We need to be aware of all news, events and activities that happen at ASU We are producing a weekly video and monthly magazine about all the happenings at ASU
We need fast communication channels to answer our enquiries ASU official social media accounts are now working 24/7
We need materials that support us to reduce  stress during on-line studies We prepared materials that support you in dealing with stress and time management
As ASU graduates we need a mechanism to communicate directly with ASU through Career Guidance to get career consultations, counselling, and responses regarding our related enquiries We have provided Career Guidance with a special mobile phone for these purposes
We need a special platform or student team to support us in entrepreneurship, self employment and to build student companies We established the Ruwad Club for these purposes
We need an electronic system to handle student complaints We established an electronic system linked with the ASU website for this purpose
We need an electronic  system to handle student absence excuses from classes We established an electronic system linked with the ASU website for this purpose
We need a sports walkway in Al Aqtab dorm. A sports walkway is designated in Al aqtab
We need to check the quality of water in the dorm. We have conducted a water analysis
We need to strengthen the Internet speed in AL Aqtab dorm. We have now changed the network and strengthened the internet speed.
We need an easy system to complete the accommodation procedures in the dorms online. The new ERP system is established and implemented.