Alumni services

Alumni services

Alumni services
Career guidance section enable the communication between ASU and its graduates via a range of services for alumni through providing data to public and private companies especially in relation to employment and internship and also follow up their career status. This chapter describes the policies relating to Alumni services.


  1. Update alumni database.
  2. Provide career development assistance for alumni.
  3. Arrange Alumni association and alumni gathering. 
  4. Provide career Workshops and seminars, training program.
  5. Build good relationships with employers and industries to assist graduates and expected to find placements & employments.
  6. Arrange a career fair.
  7. Send jobs opportunities and latest news by social media ( WhatsApp and Instagram).  
  8. Electronic portal for ASU graduates.
  9. Surveys conducted for the graduate. 
  10. Invite speakers and success stories 


  1. Update alumni database at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Provide different workshops and programs each semester.
  3. Review Resume daily.
  4. Arrange alumni association and conduct alumni gathering annually.
  5. Communicate with companies per semester to build a strong relationship in order to find a suitable employment and internship opportunities.
  6. Arrange a career fair yearly for expected graduates and alumni.
  7. Provide an electronic portal for ASU graduates to create a strong and effective communication between ASU and its graduates.
  8. Prepare and conduct surveys for graduates and employers in order to get feedback regarding their personal and career data, the importance of services provided by this section, challenges that faces them in work environment and suggestions to improve the services.