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College of Engineering - Academic Advising

Academic Advising.

The College provides an induction or orientation to all new students on joining the College. This enables students to familiarize themselves with the University and College regulations, their study program, laboratory facilities, health and safety issues and general academic advice to enable students to settle into College and University life.    

Every student in the College is allocated an academic advisor. Each student has the opportunity to meet with their academic advisor on a regular basis to discuss their course choices and academic progress. This applies to all students including full time students, evening students and special part-time students. Students with special needs are advised to declare this to the University to enable the College to make reasonable adjustments to support their learning.

Academic advisors have access to students’ academic records. The academic advisor will monitor the academic performance of all students under their care and should they identify a student as being at risk, they will provide assistance and tutorial support to enable the student to progress. Academic advisors are trained to carry out their roles effectively. Students should note that academic advisors maintain utmost confidentiality regarding academic or personal issues discussed with individual students.

The University’s Department of Student Affairs provides students with further guidance and advice on matters such as finance, legal matters, accommodation, transportation, disabilities, and career guidance. In addition, the Student Affairs Department organizes University-wide extra-curricular activities in which all students are invited to participate.     

The Student Council is also an important source of support and guidance. The University has a Student Fund which considers applications on a case by case basis.