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College of Engineering - Careers


The engineering sector will continue to be an essential contributor to the future sustainable development of the Sultanate of Oman. Furthermore, there will always be great demand for qualified and experienced engineers to implement the nations’ economic diversification strategy and to enhance the social and economic development of the country. Therefore, graduates from the College of Engineering find employment in a variety of roles.

Civil Engineering graduates will find employment involving the engineering and design of structures, transportation systems, buildings, hospitals, bridges, roads, pipelines, shopping malls, airports, and many other major facilities. They are also employed during the construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance of such infrastructure facilities. Similarly, Construction Project Management graduates will find roles in the appraisal, planning, implementation and management for the delivery of building, civil engineering and process plant construction projects.  

Meanwhile, qualified Environmental Engineers will find employment to improve the natural environment and to provide clean water, air and land for human habitation. They are also employed in the public and private sectors on air pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, waste management, alternative energy and conservation.

Graduates from the Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management program will find employment opportunities in a range of organizations including quantity surveying consultancies, property development companies, the oil and gas sector, construction companies, specialist sub-contractors, central and local government departments, specialist tax consultants, management consulting firms, civil and heavy construction companies, and house building companies, etc. 

Graduates in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering will find employment opportunities in a number of industrial settings such as telecommunication networks, electronics, manufacturing and the service sectors. Electrical Engineering graduates will work in primary sectors such as electricity generation, transmission, distribution and utilization. They also can work in other sectors such electronics, communications, computers, distribution, and instrumentation.

Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering graduates will find job opportunities in a number of market and industrial settings such as: Chemical Industries, Petroleum Production, Petrochemical plants, Desalination plants, Water and Wastewater treatment plants, Petroleum refinery, Process engineering, etc.

Graduates from all undergraduate programs above may also pursue further studies and improve their academic qualifications by doing a Master’s degree.

Completion of the MSc Engineering Management program facilitates entry to job and work opportunities in a number of market and industrial settings such as: manufacturing companies, engineering firms, technology companies, the services sector, consulting firms, municipalities and government organizations, oil companies, building construction, civil and heavy construction, environmental construction, etc. Graduate from this course can also pursue further studies to improve their academic qualifications by undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy.