Equipment Reservation

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Equipment Reservation

Equipment Reservation

SAS offers facilities for societies, student and departments to host events and activities.
The following SAS facilities are available for use:    
Multipurpose Halls
Societies Student Activities Office
Workshop Room


  1. Must not use halls/rooms for personal purpose.
  2. Must not post any posters on walls of halls/rooms.
  3. Must not use halls/rooms before approval from SAS.


  • Societies have right to use all facilities after approval by SAS.
  • SAS strongly advise that most society events and activities be connected in the Student Services Center.
  • If needed, use of other ASU facilities may be requested through SAS, which will request other place on behalf of the society.


  • Departments/colleges have right to use all facilities except (Societies Student Activities office and Drafting room) after approval by SAS.
  • Departments/colleges must be send e-mail request to SAS to book hall with Explaining the purpose of using the hall.
  • SAS will check Schedule of booking hall.
  • If hall is free SAS will send back e-mail to confirm booking.
  • If hall is NOT free SAS will send back e-mail to inform that the hall is not available.
  • SAS is NOT responsible for:
    • Designing posters for events
    • Completing facility requests for events
    • Payment for purchase bills or reimbursement

Sports Games

  • Students have the right to use sports equipment’s available. 
  • Sports tools are received from the SAS.
  • The students can get the tools of the sports mentioned from student activities office after handing their ID cards to the mentioned office. 
  • The student is responsible for any malfunction caused by the Games as determined by the SAS.