Student Services Division


This section assumes the following functions:

  1. Supervise the internal accommodation of students of the University.
  2. Supervise the supervisors who manage the internal accommodation and organize their work schedules and follow up their performance to ensure proper functioning of this accommodation.
  3. Follow-up the accommodation services and ensures their workflow to achieve and deliver a good service to students in these accommodations.
  1. Coordinate with the Technical Services Department regarding overseeing transportation service of students from and to the University and the dorms, and prepare and organize student’s transportation schedules in coordination with dormitory supervisors.
  2. Supervise and follow-up the transportation of female students for shopping purposes as well as ensure transferring the emergency cases to local hospitals.
  3. Follow-up students health conditions through supervising the service provided from the University clinic and ensure transfer of cases which require admission to hospitals as needed.
  4. Follow-up other services available for students at the University to help them take full advantage of these services and facilitate gaining benefit from such services in coordination with other divisions and centers at the University.
  5. Any other relevant work assigned by the director of the department.