Student Affairs Department


Student Affairs Department


Student Affairs department is one of the important departments in the university; such importance comes from the basic services provided to the student to create a suitable atmosphere for his study.


Help ASU students to build their integrated personality.


  1. Provide the best student services for student to help them to achieve psychological and academic stability within the University environment.
  2. Contribute effectively to build and enrich the student’s personality through the support and the encouragement of extracurricular student activities.
  3. Overcome difficulties and obstacles that hinder the study of student at the university.
  4. Work within a stimulating environment for the student.

The objectives of student affairs department

Student Affairs Department seeks to achieve the following:

  1. Develop the sense of community among students and enhance their sense of national belonging and awareness.
  2. Encourage students to interact with each other and make closer links among themselves and among the staff of the University.
  3. Refine the student’s personality and talents through allowing and encouraging them to practice the extracurricular, artistic, literary, social, sportive and entertaining activities.
  4. Serve the outside community by encouraging students to establish a number of periodic voluntary activities and events whether by direct supervision of the university or in coordination with local community institutions in the region.
  5. Help students to achieve psychological and academic stability within the University environment, which would qualify them to be active members in the University’s community and develop their interpersonal skills.
  6. Initializing and preparing students with the practical and professional skills required by the labor market to be ready after graduation from the University.
  7. Assist students in providing a healthy, social and psychological environment that helps them to study through the supervision of services which have a direct relationship with students such as: student’s clinic and accommodations.

Divisions of the Department:

Student Affairs Department consists of four divisions as follows:

  • Student Activities Division
  • Student Services Division
  • Student Counselling Division
  • Career Guidance Division