Services for Students

Facilities and Student Services
The campus has a minimarket, a cafe for male students, another for female students, a clinic, a female resting place, a Mussala (a place for prayers) and some sports facilities for both male and female students.
The University provides furnished accommodation for female students. The University also provides transportation to and from the campus. Accommodation for male students on the campus will be available in the coming years.
The library is considered to be one of the key services needed at the University. It is open to the community of students, faculty and staff. There are a considerable number of books available, and as the library continues to grow, it will provide a range of materials, including audio-visuals and scientific journals. It offers many services to users, for example professional supply and classification, indexing, public and loan services, references, and electronic search for data sources. In addition, the library offers several special places for individual study.
Computer Services
Currently the University has three main labs and one common lab, which are all equipped with computers connected to the internet. Each student is given a separate user ID, which they can use to access the Internet. They can use this even on the library computers. Wifi connection to students’ individual laptops is provided upon their request.