Student activities


Student activities

The University aims through student activities to develop a sense of community among students and promote national awareness and affiliation. To this end, the University runs a wide variety of scientific, artistic, literary, social, sports and recreational activities through which student groups develop students’ personalities and their practical and scientific talents.

Students can form approved groups that handle proposals and implements activities to enhance their autonomy and foster team spirit under the auspices of the Student Affairs Department.

Student facilities and services

The new campus includes a set of utilities for students and University staff, notably one shop and Café for male students and another for female students, an external theatre, a clinic, a prayer room, a restroom for female students and some sporting facilities for both genders. Also, one of the biggest services provided by the University for students who are coming from remote areas is a dormitory which is considered as a second home for students with all comfortable amenities and outstanding infrastructure services. The University offers a transport service for female students from dormitories to and from the University campus as well as for shopping and transport to hospitals in cases of emergencies.


Student support fund

The Student support fund was established at A’Sharqiyah University under the blessing of the Board of Trustees at the session dated 15 January 2014 to support and assist students who are suffering from difficult physical conditions that hinder and negatively affect the course of their study at the University. This fund will encourage them to continue their University study to overcome the psychological challenges and help towards providing academic stability within the University’s environment. Therefore, such a fund is a social symbiosis among university students in particular and society in general, as it seeks to provide the necessary support those most needing it at A’Sharqiyah University to continue their studies. The Fund seeks to obtain the resources needed to fund programs and services through a number of sources; donations, contributions, grants made from institutions, companies, individuals, revenues of charitable activities and events conducted by the Fund. The resources may be allocated for a number of programs such as providing total or partial scholarships or monthly benefits to cover study costs for students who encounter difficult financial conditions. Furthermore, the student welfare system also appropriates support from the Fund and can provide financial aid in a number of areas to support students including housing, transport and food.  The student welfare system also with special needs whereby Fund can assist those students to meet their needs and provide them with many other aids related to this category.