Sheikh. Abdullah Al Harthy


Sheikh. Abdullah Al Harthy: New campus is an architectural distinctive and unique icon

A speech was also made by Sheikh/ Abdullah bin Suleiman bin Hamed Al Harthy, Chairman of the board of directors, through which he stated that, the founders have worked tirelessly since they had the blessed approval to establish this new campus, with all their energy and potential to put the blessed vision of his majesty into practice. Various committees were formed and consultants hired to develop short and long term plans which emphasized the opening of the University while also moving forward on the main campus project. Through relentless efforts, obstacles were encountered and overcome and challenges were met which culminated in the success of completing the initial phase of the campus, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of higher education. He added that, on 1/11/2010, the Ministerial Decision No. (96/2010) was passed giving approval to start official study at the University. From the outset, our work has continued with diligent and consistent steps with lofty ambition towards building up an infrastructure that reflects the blessed vision of education in the Sultanate to keep pace with the ongoing evolution of the global in this area. The design and construction maps were designed taking into account the importance of providing outstanding learning environment for students, academic and administrative bodies, researchers and society, with future expansion plans. The chairman of the board stressed that the University was designed to reflect an urban fabric that encapsulates the old Omani style; an urban style which consists of streets and green spaces among groups of multi-story buildings overlooking the main square of the University. Furthermore, the round outline of the university, which is inspired by a ray of the sun is one of the most distinctive features of the design– as Al Sharqiyah governorate is the first geographical spot that see the sun’s light in the Arab world. He added also that, we concluded the construction agreement on 26/12/2013 with the National United Engineering & Contracting Co. and we celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony on May 2014, under the auspices of Her Excellency Dr. Rawya Bint Saud Al-Busaidia, the Minister of higher education. The University is built on an area of more than 40,000 square meters, with an estimated financial cost of twenty-five million OMR. The project consists of six buildings (including College of Engineering, College of business administration, College of Applied and Health Sciences  – Administration building, Student services center and learning resources center plus services buildings) and these buildings have been equipped with the latest laboratories and equipment. He added that work is under way to prioritize expansion in facilities that are commensurate with the requirements of the next phase; work is ongoing to set up additional projects, including a multipurpose hall, dormitories for male students and staff, entertainment center and other projects. Finally, he expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to his Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Allah bless and bestow him with health, wellness and longevity for his generous support, also, thanked everyone who contributed to this project including companies, institutions and individuals, asking Allah almighty to help us to what he loves and which pleases him.