E-purity team from A’SHARQIYAH university


E-purity team from A’SHARQIYAH university

E-purity team from A’SHARQIYAH university, Students affairs department has participated in DOM Innovative Environmental Entrepreneurship competition which aimed to find innovative solutions for environmental problems.

A total of 5 members and 2 supervisors have participated in the competition:


Abdulmalek Al Haimali

Walid Al Monzeri

Balqees Al Shaeebi

Arwa Al breeky

Siham Al Maslahi


Marwah Al Toubi

Ahmed Al Assli (Kingdom of Bahrain)

The team participated in the competition with a new idea which is providing 100% natural washing powder extracted from elements existing in the Omani environment.

E-purity aims to achieve the following:

  1. Provide innovative environmental solutions for many problems afflicting the environment.
  2. Find alternatives to chemical products that cause harm to our environment.

The company has participated in the competition with 46 groups presented their ideas in the first stage then qualified to the second stage with 14 team, then to the final stage with 6 teams from various institutions; finally E-purity got the first rank after several discussion, sessions and workshops.

This competition helps participants to prepare financial and marketing plans to ensure effective and sustainable ideas with a possibility to establish a company in the future.

The participants taken advantage from these workshops and have met with several entrepreneurs.

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