CLFS Continuing Education


Among the objectives of the CLFS at A’Sharqiyah University is to support and enhance societal and community engagement by establishing active cooperation and consultation with the public and relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations.  This entails developing community outreach Read More …

CLFS English for Academic Programs


CLFS English For Academic Programs English Communication Skills 1 (ENGL 101), English Communication Skills 2 (ENGL 102) and Technical Writing are intensive English language courses in both General English and English for Academic Purposes that help prepare students cope with Read More …

The General Foundation Program (GFP)


The Structure of the General Foundation Program The General Foundation Program (GFP) at A’Sharqiyah University consists of four components: English, Mathematics, Information Technology (IT) and Study Skills.  All newly-registered students of A’Sharqiyah University take a placement test during the orientation Read More …

Ramadan Timings For CLFS

Regular Timing التوقيت الاصلي للبرنامج التاسيسي Ramadan Timing توقيت رمضان  للبرنامج التاسيسي 8:00-12:50 8:00-11:40

CLFS Staff Directory


Sam Fenwick Director of CLFS Office: Admin Building Contact Details: Ext 222 Email: EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE. CELTYL (Cambridge English Language Assessment) CELTA (Cambridge English Language Assessment) DELTA (Cambridge English Language Assessment) CELTA Trainer (Cambridge English Language Assessment) DELTA Local Read More …

Language & Foundation Studies


Introduction The Center for Language and Foundation Studies (CLFS) at A’Sharqiyah University is responsible for the General Foundation Program (GFP) which new intakes of students have to pass and for all the English language courses students need to take as Read More …