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AMERICAN STUDENTS FEEDBACK I am thankful for the Arabic program at ASU and am pleased with the results of the semester. I have returned home with a foundation in Arabic and many great experiences. Salah asked us what we wanted Read More …

OCCI Economic Studies Award 2016

A’Sharqiyah University Scored Second Position in OCCI Economic Studies Award for 2016

A’Sharqiyah University Scored Second Position in OCCI Economic Studies Award for 2016 A’Sharqiyah University in Ibra was awarded second position in Economic Researches and Studies Award organized by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) out of forty studies submitted Read More …

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College of Business Administration (COBA) Dean Dean’s Message – Dean’s Profile

Construction Project Management Program New


The ASU Construction Project Management Program teaches students about the technology and tools required in management and implementation of the design and construction of buildings, hospitals, bridges, roads, pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, solid-waste disposal facilities, shopping malls, airports, Read More …

Team Entrepreneurship


Team Entrepreneurship A’Sharqiyah University (ASU) is pleased to announce that it received approval from the Ministry of Higher Education to run its Team Entrepreneurship program that was submitted by its College of Business Administration (COBA). This program is considered to Read More …

CLFS Continuing Education


Among the objectives of the CLFS at A’Sharqiyah University is to support and enhance societal and community engagement by establishing active cooperation and consultation with the public and relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations.  This entails developing community outreach Read More …

CLFS English for Academic Programs


The English Communication Skills 1 (ENGL 101), English Communication Skills 2 (ENGL 102), and Technical Writing and Presentation for Engineering (ENGR 202) are intensive English language courses in both General English and English for academic purposes to help prepare students Read More …

The General Foundation Program (GFP)


The General Foundation Program (GFP) at A’Sharqiyah University consists of four components: English, mathematics, Information Technology (IT), and study skills.  All components follow the criteria and standards of higher education as stipulated by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA).  All Read More …

CLFS Objectives


Objectives The CLFS at A’Sharqiyah University endeavors to: provide high quality education in the English Language, mathematics, and IT; provide a positive and supportive environment for students, staff, and the community; reinforce the University infrastructure by offering training sessions to Read More …