ASU participation in EDUC8TE 2017


ASU participation in EDUC8TE 2017


The prominent stall of A’ Sharqiyali University came in for special praise by the chief guest at the second edition of the Higher Education Institutions Exhibition (Educ8te), which was inaugurated recently chairman of  Majlis Al Shura, who opened the three-day exhibition at the Oman .
Convention and Exhibition Centre, visited the stall of the university.

The team from the Majlis Al Shura especially inquired about Team entrepreneurship  program at the university and said that such educational programmes are very important in the development of industry suitable manpower in Oman.The Higher Education Institutions Exhibition aims at providing the graduates of the General Education Diploma with the opportunity to learn more about services provided by higher education institutions in the universities

Colleges and training institutes in Oman. The students are exposed to various programs, specializations and general programs, giving them the opportunity to meet the officials of these institutions to learn more about the appropriate opportunities for them and to share knowledge, experiences, ideas and information.

In this context, the officials of A’ Sharqiyah University were able to impart much -needed information to eager prospective students visiting the exhibition. The leaflets about the  programs on offer and the short video on the new university campus that will be opening in a month at Ibra drew the attention of the chief guest, the delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education and parents .The exhibition also highlights entrepreneurship as an important goal to promote in the community through the participation of competent authorities.