ASU gets third rank at International Youth Conference in Bahrain

A’Sharqiyah University gets third rank at International Youth Conference in Bahrain


A’Sharqiyah University bagged the third prize for its “Life Filter” sustainability project at the International Conference of Youth in Bahrain. The conference was held in cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council, the United Nations and the League of Arab States under the theme Give Back.

The Life Filter water purification project was adjudged the third best sustainability project from among 12 projects selected for the final round of evaluation from 23 participating countries, at the international conference held in Manama, Bahrain from 23-28 April this year.

The project is an advanced equipment that purifies water from multiple sources including sea, valleys, groundwater and rain water. In the initial filtering process, the water is purified of solid materials. In the second phase the water is further purified in three sections, each section having its own mechanism and degree of purification.

The water from the third section goes through a primary filtering process, and is used for irrigation and cars washing. On the other hand, water from the second section is used for dish and clothes washing, showering and other such cleaning purposes. The purity degree of the first section is very high; and water from section one can be used for drinking and cooking, a member of the project team said.

The equipment is featured with recycling facilities so that the water be used again, which reduces wastage water and ensures availability of drinkable water for all.

The team from A’Sharqiyah University, a leading centre of academic excellence located in Ibraa’ (North A’Sharqiyah), that participated in the International Conference consisted of three girl students A’sheeba Al Maqhousiyah, Yousra Al Swafiyah and Asmaa’ Al Hana’aiyah. Mouza Al Hundasia, the Head of Activities Department at the University, led the team.