COBA Business in Society


There are currently 23 Business in Society Club members. All 23 girls participated in one or more events throughout the Culture/Business Week and they did an OUTSTANDING job!  They developed creative and colorful trifold brochures edited by Dr. Faizal, Mr. Godwin, Dr. Brahim, Mr. Jamal, Mr. Yousef, and myself.   They designed beautiful and professional banners and posters with A’Shariqiyah and BIS logo’s (all of which I have in my office).  They ALSO conducted and videoed professional business interviews with many of our professors.  They had these videos running around the clock in our booth. I will have a copy of these videos shortly.  The girls scheduled all BIS members (2 to a team) to represent our department in our booth throughout each day from 9am-4pm.  They provided stellar information in both Arabic and English.  Our BIS CLUB is FANTASTIC!!

During the Special COBA BIS Special Day scheduled Wednesday, May the 11th, 2014, from 9am-12 Noon, in the Main Hall the BIS Club will: (This is a tentative Schedule right now)

  • 9:00-Present an extensive explanation on what the Students can do to enhance A’Sharqiyah chances
    at receiving AACSB accreditation.
  • 10:00-Dean’s Honor Roll Awards Ceremony
  • 11:00- Muscat Youth Summit video and explanation to inspire students to work hard so that they can try to compete for a coveted position next fall
  • 11:45-Non-DHR students will be released to get home, but faculty and DHR will remain for pictures and I am bringing coffee and sweet treats to thank our DHR kids for a SUPER job and to thank faculty for all their help throughout the year!