How to Apply


Students should be admitted to the University in accordance with the following conditions:

  • A student should have successfully completed the courses of all subjects of the general education diploma or its equivalent.
  • A student should achieve the standards set for the components of the General Foundation Program.
  • A student should have studied subjects which qualify him/her to be enrolled in different colleges/specializations. Details are as follow:
    • College of Business Administration: Applied Mathematics.
    • College of Engineering: Pure Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
    • College of Applied Sciences: Pure Mathematics and Biology plus one subject out of Physics and Chemistry.
  • A student must be medically fit.

The competitive average for every required specialization shall be computed as follows:

  • Average of qualifying subjects for a certain specialization multiplied by 60%.
  • Average of all subjects studied multiplied by 40%.
  • Addition of the outcomes of the two processes in (1) and (2) above to reach the required competitive average for studying any specialization.


Applicants for admission are required to submit the following:

  • An application form duly filled.
  • A certified original and a copy of the General Education Diploma Certificate or its equivalent.
  • Two recent personal photographs.
  • A copy of the identity card or passport.

Tuition Fees:

  • Fees for the General Foundation Program are RO 980 for each semester and RO 490 for the summer session.
  • College fees are as follows:
  • RO 80 per credit hour for the College of Commerce and Humanities.
  • RO 90 per credit hour for the College of Engineering.
  • RO 80 per credit hour for the College of Applied Sciences.

Other Fees:

  • RO10 non-refundable application fees.
  • RO100 non-refundable registration fees.
  • RO100 refundable deposit fees.

Payment of Fees:

Basic study and services fees shall be paid in accordance with the following:

  • Students who are self-sponsored shall pay their fees in cash or into the University fees account by certified cheques or through approved electronic means when registration is made. Students who pay their fees after the semesters begin but during the first week are fined RO100, and students who do not pay their registration fees after the first week of the semester are not allowed to enroll.
  • Fees of government-sponsored students shall be paid through bank transfer made by the sponsor during the semester or via a cheque issued by the concerned party.
  • Fees of students sponsored by institutions or companies shall be paid through certified cheques within one month from the beginning of the semester.
  • Fees of students sponsored by governments, corporations or international organizations shall be paid through direct transfer to the University account within one month from the beginning of the semester.


  • Fees may be refunded in full when a student withdraws from the semester before it begins; 50% of the fees may be refunded when a student withdraws within the first week of the semester; and no refund is offered when a student withdraws after the end of the first week of the semester.
  • In cases when the student drops a course during the add/drop period, the fees paid for that course shall be transferred to the following semester. Those who make the drop after the add/drop period shall not benefit from fees transfer.


  • The academic year consists of two compulsory semesters defined as the Fall and Spring semesters and one elective summer session. For the Fall and Spring semesters a student shall register himself/herself for courses and shall attend classes regularly. The summer session registration is optional.
  • Each semester lasts for 16 weeks including examinations period. The summer session lasts for eight weeks including the examinations period.
  • The registration period lasts one week prior to the beginning of the semester.
  • A student shall be enrolled for courses included in his/her study plan after getting the approval of the academic advisor. The student is advised to follow the study plan which indicates the courses proposed for registration for each semester as from the day of admission in the University until graduation.