Admission Registration Overview

The Admissions and Registration department constitutes the gateway for student academic life. This starts from their first day of joining the university and continues till after graduation. The department had started using the latest technologies to simplify the processes of admitting students and completing their registration and accomplish all other activities concerning students and academic staff members.

Vision and Mission


Reach a high proficiency level so as to provide the most efficient and timely services.


Provide the highest level of service by using the latest technologies.


  • Provide a high level of service to students, teaching staff, and administration.
  • Develop and implement a student information system to conform to the current technologies and future needs.
  • Continuous development and assessment of admissions and registration bylaws and regulations.
  • Conduct proper training for the department staff to achieve efficiency and proficiency.
  • Establish connections with other universities admissions and registration departments for exchange of experience and knowledge.
  • Establish a successful relationship with Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to provide proper services to students.

Duties of the Department

  • Define the requirements of admission in each program offered and make estimations for the number of students admitted.
  • Simplify and complete the admission process of new students and facilitate their stay during their  presence at the university.
  • Continuous coordination with Ministry of Higher Education regarding academic and financial statuses of sponsored students.
  • Prepare and publish the academic calendar.
  • Distribute new students into different groups to simplify and facilitate conducting the placement test. Based on results, students are located s into different levels and groups.
  • Prepare and publish the master timetable that includes all offered courses per semester.
  • Provide students advisors with relevant information to help in supervising students through their registration.
  • Upload university statistical information into the Ministry of Higher Education statistical system,  then verify and confirm.
  • Ensure that the academic bylaws related to the department are implemented properly. This includes probation, honor, absence, and so on.
  • Generate all types of academic documents such as class lists, grade collection sheets, instructors and student’s timetables, transcripts, degree plans and so on.
  • Perform degree audit process on active students and generate expected graduated lists.
  • Create, maintain and secure student records and their confidintialety.