IT Department


IT Department

The IT Department is committed to enhancing the quality of A ‘Sharqiyah University’s (ASU) IT resources by providing broad range of technology-based planning, resources and services to the students , faculty and staff of ASU in campus , dormitories and our Muscat office.
The Information Technology (IT) Department develops and maintains an internal network  workstations, digital office equipment and the networking equipment, operating systems and servers to tie them together.
IT Department supervises a financial management system which includes Accounting, procurement, inventory & asset, course registration system, library, clinic and a human resources information system and many applications in labs, CCTV systems and the university website. In addition to maintaining existing systems we are actively working to introduce new systems for areas such as, financial management, learning management and voice over IP. We also provide a helpdesk function for assistance to all staffs and students in software’s as well as the printers and photocopiers.
IT understands the importance and the value of having access to reliable information.

IT’s main responsibilities include:

  • Manage the organization’s hardware and software.
  • Maintain information security and availability .
  • keep itself up to date with technologies and operational platform more reliable in implementing and supporting.

IT Department envisions itself as premium provider of one stop solution in IT environment encompassing education support and other services to the University and to the society.

IT department’s mission is to provide innovative, secure, and reliable solutions in collaboration with our stakeholders that enhance teaching and learning, enable cutting-edge research, advance the IT operational services by enriching the IT infrastructure.

The department operates as a knowledgeable, professional, and responsive team, and promotes a culture of trust, transparency, and respect.
In order to achieve our goals, we shares a common set of values:

  • Strong commitment to perform professionally and responsibly
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellent team work


  1. Providing technical support and services to the University with high efficiency.
  2. Establishing complete solution for Information and network security.
  3. Optimize the functionality of IT platform across the University stakeholders.
  4. Ensure full data is safe.


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