Mission & Vision


Mission and Vision

It is the mission of the Center of Professional Development and Continuous Learning to offer a wide range of courses that helps the local community in employment, leadership and languages. We are committed to the principle that learning is a lifelong process through which individuals, communities and countries develop. ASU is a local university with local and international staff and faculty members who are working hard to provide outstanding educational and training services that can enhance the local economy by offering different courses.

To fulfil that end, we provide the following training opportunities:

  1. English Language Courses: ASU provides English courses to improve the participants’ general English and their English for the workplace as well as English for hospitality. Additionally, we run test preparation courses like IELTS and TOEFL.
  1. Arabic Language Courses: ASU provides recognized Arabic courses to our students who wish to learn Arabic. In our students’ placement, we use ACTFL guidelines through oral and written exams. We offer housing, transportation, cultural excursions and opportunities to meet Omanis. We adopt a highly communicative approach that is proficiency based to help our students improve and gain a deeper understanding of Arab culture in general and Omani culture in particular. In our ASU Arabic courses, we teach Modern Standard Arabic, Omani Colloquial and Media Arabic.

Our flexibility is key. We can offer classes in our campuses in Ibra or Muscat. Also, if a university decides to bring their students to ASU and they desire to implement their curricula or bring one of their faculty members to act as the support point/quality insurer.

  1. Soft Skills: The premise of soft-skill training programs is that many adults lack the job search, interpersonal, interviewing, and communication skills needed to secure and retain jobs. These soft skills may be provided in stand-alone training or support groups as well as in the context of formal vocational training.
  1. Specialized Courses: the faculty of our three colleges – college of business administration, college of engineering and college of applied sciences – can provide a wide range of specialized courses in the areas of:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Humanities
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition

In addition, we can provide customized programs for government and private bodies depending on their training needs.

At the end, our goal at ASU is to provide excellent academic and training services to our local community and those who are interested in our services.