COE - Dean's Message

It is a great privilege for me to be able to welcome you to the College of Engineering at A’Sharqiyah University. There are many exciting activities taking place in the College. We are educating the engineering and technology leaders of tomorrow. We are pursuing innovative and interdisciplinary research that is addressing the most pressing challenges facing our world and of strategic importance to the sustainable development of Oman. The College of Engineering at A’Sharqiyah University excels at widening student participation in higher education and thereby transforming people’s lives and communities. Consistent with the Omani government’s vision to increase participation of 18-24 year olds in Higher Education to 50% by 2020, student numbers in the College of Engineering are growing.
A’Sharqiyah University is a great place for engineering education and the College offers many opportunities. The College’s four academic departments offer programs in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Communication Engineering.
We are planning to open two new departments: Department of Process Engineering, and Department of Mechanical Engineering. We are continuously reviewing our curriculum to maintain its relevance to engineering practice and we are expanding our academic infrastructure as well. New buildings equipped with world class engineering laboratories will be completed shortly.

Engineering education at A’Sharqiyah University emphasizes students’ understanding of the fundamental principles of mathematics and the physical sciences and the ability to apply these sciences to solve practical problems within economic, environmental, societal, political, ethical, health and safety, and sustainability constraints. In addition, our students graduate equipped with the transferable skills that employers require worldwide. Our graduates are able to think critically and to communicate effectively. They are creative and innovative. They have problem-solving skills and are able to use modern information technology. They are able to function as part of multi-disciplinary teams. Our graduates have knowledge of contemporary issues and understand their professional and ethical responsibilities. Overall, we train our students to develop the ability to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. Our faculty offer world class instruction and are committed to improving further the student experience and to achieving excellent graduate employability.

Engineers design and build essential infrastructure and engineering systems that sustain a civilized quality of life; for example: telecommunications, medical equipment, manufacturing plants, energy generation, irrigation systems, water supply and transportation systems, etc. Engineers will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping solutions to new problems that confront humanity. For example, the very engineering systems on which mankind depends today face unprecedented challenges from global climate change. Global warming is bringing changes that can affect water supplies, agriculture, power supply, transportation systems, the natural environment and even our own health and safety. Of course, we can and many of us are reducing the risks that we face from climate change by making choices that reduce environmental degradation. Engineers are, in addition, rising to the challenge by designing and building systems that will be resilient to the effects of climate change now and in the future.

Our faculty are also dedicated researchers and some are internationally renown in their areas of expertise. We are conducting ground breaking research that is world leading and impactful in a selection of areas and are building capacity in others. We are developing partnerships for applied research with industry to help national and international companies to improve their products, processes and services. We have links and research networks with Universities and professional institutions worldwide.
I invite you to browse our webpages, to read more about our programs and research and to engage with us. I welcome your views, comments, suggestions or any questions that you may have and opportunities to work together. I invite you to visit our campus, tour our facilities, meet our faculty and students and decide whether A’Sharqiyah University is for you. I am confident that you will find our educational experience and exceptional opportunities exactly what you are looking for.

Yours Sincerely
Professor Sam Wamuziri.
Dean, College of Engineering.