Mission , Vision , Goals & Value:

Our mission is to educate creative professional engineers and to equip them to serve society in a globalized knowledge economy. Working in partnership with our stakeholders; we are committed to the creation and transfer of new knowledge and technologies through the efforts of faculty, staff and students.

Our vision is to achieve national and international stature as a College of Engineering through excellence in engineering education, research and innovation, outreach and external community engagement whilst contributing to the competitiveness, social and economic development and prosperity of the Sultanate of Oman.


  • To develop a suite of program offerings that reflects the College and University mission and institutional classification.
  • To deliver high quality, state-of-the art, approved undergraduate and graduate programs that incorporate entrepreneurship education.
  • To deliver high quality student experience by ensuring that faculty, staff and administration are responsive to students’ needs and concerns.
  • To capitalize on the latest educational technology innovations to enhance and support student learning and career growth.
  • To develop and maintain leading-edge applied research efforts of benefit to society and the economy.
  • To develop staff research capacity and capability.
  • To build partnerships with a diverse group of businesses, government departments, and non-governmental organizations to develop knowledge, skills and contribute to social and economic development.
College of Engineering Values:
The implementation of the College of Engineering strategic plan will always be influenced by the College’s core values. These values underpin our vision and define non-negotiable behaviors. Our core values include the following:

We will conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent, and ethical. We will always be beyond reproach in our educational, academic and professional dealings.

We value the diversity of all people including faculty, staff and students; and the respect and inclusion of all.

We will pursue excellence in everything that we undertake and will always strive for outcomes that are exemplary rather than simply satisfactory.

Service and community
We will cultivate good relationships with all our stakeholders including students, alumni, industry, government, other universities and colleges, corporate partners, and sponsors.

Learning for Life
Consistent with the value of learning for life, the College will enroll students of all ages and support programs and activities that expand the knowledge of members of the broader community, whatever their age or formal education.

About College of Engineering: Profile of College, Academic Partnership,  Quality, Why Study at COE:

The College of Engineering at A’Sharqiyah University (ASU) opened in 2011 and has grown quickly to a current enrollment of over 300 students.  Our College will continue to grow at this rapid pace in order to accommodate over 1500 undergraduates in new classrooms and laboratories located in our new Engineering Building scheduled for completion in 2015.  With a first-rate building and a state-of-the-art education environment emphasizing innovation, the ASU Engineering will draw community members and prospective students to our growing campus. The College of Engineering has planned academic programs to address national needs in Oman for education and research, as well as outreach to local industry.  The faculty is currently implementing undergraduate programs suitable for ABET accreditation in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction Engineering, and Electronics & Communications Engineering. Our overall goal is to train ethical, skilled, innovative engineers, who understand their unique role within, and responsibility to, society and the nation of Oman.  Our professional-engineering graduates will become responsible for ensuring the safety of drinking water and sewage systems, roads and highways, automobiles and aircraft, and most of the products and tools in that empower modern Omani lifestyles.  They will make it possible for Oman, specifically, and the world in general to enjoy sustainable provision of water, food and energy that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  Our graduates, like all Professional Engineers worldwide will have an ethical responsibility to protect and preserve the opportunity for people all over the world to have a better quality of life in a healthy environment.

ASU Engineering graduates will have an incredible opportunity to change the world.  Their process starts with their Professional-Engineering education here on our campus.  Housed in a new state-of-the-art building, our high-quality academic programs aim to be a gateway to the future, a place to foster the growth of students with opportunities for scholarship, mentorship, and collaboration.  It will be an inspiring community domain with a broad range of project activities, internship training, and knowledge sharing.  In this supportive ASU learning environment, our students will develop their expertise on new technologies, engineering science, and engineering design for their careers in the 21st century.  Yet, to prepare for modern practices in professional engineering in Oman, our engineering students will require exposure beyond traditional mathematical, scientific, and technological subjects.  Accordingly, our engineering programs have incorporated a greater breadth of exposure to innovation, entrepreneurship, professionalism and commercialization as base competencies upon which the growth of Oman society is dependent.  Our engineering students will learn that they must have, on an ongoing basis, acquired the knowledge, skills and level of awareness necessary to fulfill their professional responsibilities to the public whenever performing professional services for their employers and clients.  These responsibilities have broader implications than just being correct about technologies, and so the ASU Engineering has taken the broadest possible view in the learning objectives that must be achieved by our engineering graduates.

    1. Degree/ Diploma in Civil Engineering
    2. Degree/ Diploma in Electronic & Communication
    3. Degree/ Diploma in Environmental Engineering