COBA Dean's Honor Roll


College of Business Administration (COBA) –  Deans Honor Roll – 2014

As you know, the students wanted to wait until you returned to have the Awards.  Additionally, once they realized that you might not be back until late April, they wanted this Award Ceremony to be witnessed by you, our COBA students, and our faculty.  They knew that their Special Day (most of the DHR are also members of the BIS Club) would be the best forum for the awards, so since you liked the idea, the wheels are in motion.  The DHR has become a working force that we can all be so very proud of.

Finally, I would like to say that Godwin has been a Godsend.  He has prepared all the trophy’s, plaques, and labels…..he is simply the BEST!

In summary, our students in the BIS Club and our DHR students are stellar and I cannot tell you how much Faizal, Godwin, and I have personally enjoyed working with them.  Not only did they do their job, beyond the call of duty, but they also covered many of us throughout the event. They are stellar girls in every way!