COBA – Dep. of Records and Archives management


Department of Records and Archives management

A’Sharqiyah University (ASU) is a private institution of higher education that was established in 2009. It operates under the higher education rules and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman. The University is located in the north of A’Sharqiyah region of the Sultanate in the area of  Ibra which is 150 km away from Muscat, the capital.

College of Business Administration

The College of business administration (COBA) is the largest of three colleges of A’Sharqiyah University. COBA provides the intellectual basis for students to learn and achieve continuous success in the areas of business administration. Students from various regions of Oman have enrolled with COBA due to its excellent reputation for student experience and curriculum innovation. COBA contributes to business, professional and civil affairs through public service and intellectual pursuits.

Records and Archives Management Department 

This department specializes in dealing with the problematic and innovative aspects of records and archives management. This field aims to achieve quality of records and information management through the latest methods and technologies in accordance with modern approaches and methodologies. The of Department of Records and Archives Management has created this program at a Bachelor’s level in order to respond to the diversity of the needs of the job market and to produce graduates versed in this important field of work and discipline.




The Bachelor in Records and Archives Management is aimed at:

  • Preparing new technicians and specialists with professional and technical qualifications in records and archives management;
  • Meeting labour market needs in records and archives management in public and private sectors with specialists and technicians who will have the modern technological capacity in the management of records and electronic records;
  • Providing a new and technology-oriented approach in managing records and archives;
  • Providing specialists and technicians who are able to understand and address problems of some special types of records (e.g., engineering, medical records and maps, etc.).


This qualification constitutes the first level of the Bachelor in records and archives management studies.  It takes two years of study to complete, during which the student becomes qualified to work as records and archives management specialist responsible for the application of policies and instruments within archives and records management such as organizing, characterizing, recording, sorting, saving, converting or migrating, disposing, searching and retrieval of all types of records.  Therefore, this qualification is sufficient if the student intends to enter the labour market.



The aim of this qualification is to:

  • Provide professionals capable of immediate activation of policies and technical tools that put record management system into practice;
  • Provide opportunities for high school graduates who are looking for available and well-paid jobs;
  • Provide competent professional cadres for small and medium enterprises in the region to meet their needs of organization and management of records and archives.

Program components

The diploma in archives and records management extends for two years. This period is divided into four semesters with field training as an entrance to the labour market and an important introduction to pass the threshold of the labour market in this specialism.

Practical training

Field training activity aims to provide students with a hands-on experience in records and archives management.  Field training is compulsory and a free of charge activity performed by each student individually and in is done in two phases: the first is conducted in a Ministry or any other public or private institution. In the second phase, student will exploit the data collected during the training and complete a report on purpose. The training activity will be made under supervision of an official or employee of the receiving establishment and the report shall be made under supervision of a specialist/Professor in this field.



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